Two Donna students charged with second-degree felony for ‘credible’ threat

Donna school and police officials did not disclose many details about an alleged plot to harm students following what authorities described as a ‘credible’ threat.

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Hidalgo County scales back COVID-19 emergency operational level

Hidalgo County announced it will scale back its COVID-19 emergency operational level due to the slowing rate of cases and deaths attributed to COVID-19 that are reported locally.

Cameron COVID numbers tick up: Hospitalizations remain steady

Cameron County Public Health’s daily COVID-19 case reports began indicating a small uptick last week, although the number of COVID patients at area hospitals remains steady.

Help (still) wanted: Ongoing ‘worker shortage’ impeding businesses

C&C Wings celebrated its 25th anniversary with a big party on July 14, 2021, just one day before its 26th anniversary.