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COMMENTARY: Our beautiful Constitution and its ugly opponents

The Constitution is our anchor of stability in a turbulent world! We can withstand a bad president and a petulant Congress (for the short term, at least) because our Constitution both guides and limits.

LETTERS: Abortion opposed, Media needed to form ideas, Paxton ruling spurs comment

On Sept. 13 you published an editorial from the Los Angeles Times that suggests it is perfectly OK to kill babies, and that Mexico is “making progress … in restoring rights — and it’s maddening to see the destruction of those rights continue in the U.S.”

COMMENTARY: Fueling economic growth

In a world where the specter of economic downturn is ever looming, there’s a beacon of hope: energy. Particularly, oil and natural gas. “Where there’s energy, there’s economic growth,” is more than just a catchphrase — it’s the economic pulse check of our time.

LETTERS: President doesn’t control economy, Writings addressed, Women’s deaths draw comment

Two recent letters to the editor have talked about how good the economy was under President Trump as compared to President Biden. The president cannot have much impact on the economy.

COMMENTARY: Water funding available to small, rural communities

A lot of infrastructure funding is available for desperately needed water and wastewater infrastructure maintenance and water treatment and delivery systems. But for small and rural communities this money can be out of reach, even though there are funds specifically set aside for them.

LETTERS: Comments addressed, Support pesticide labeling legislation

Jim Taylor recently expounded on our current education system as being derelict and not being conservative enough for his views — and student loans should not be forgiven.

EDITORIAL: Border policies must continue to support crossings and trade

To say that the current surge of migrants to our border is a crisis would be an understatement. The hundreds of thousands of people seeking to enter our country and escape violence, corruption and dysfunction in their home countries has become a major part of our current political dialog.

EDITORIAL: Recent accidents show need to seek safety around trains

This is Rail Safety Week, an annual effort to focus on the need to work toward making train-related accidents as rare as possible.

LETTERS: Tiresome hatred, Accessing firearms

Has anybody gotten tired of continuous hate, day in and day out? People must go to bed at night and dream of how to hate people who don’t think like they do.

COMMENTARY: Delta Project working to deal with times of drought

The yellow-colored grasses along our highways and yards are becoming an all-too-common sight now. Our grass is not just scorching under the high temperatures, but it’s also suffering from the lack of rainfall.