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OPINION: Sharing: Help from others helps ease pain from tragedies

Tragedy can strike anywhere, at any time. That point is never so clear as weeks such as this, when we remember the horrific terrorist...

LETTERS: Bike kids to school

If you passed by schools at dismissal times you probably saw the big lines. Yturria and Stillman had lines more than half a mile...

LETTERS: Ditch wanted

I would like to request grading of a burrow ditch as the commercial businesses behind my home, WingStop and Taquería Siberia by Alton Gloor...

LETTERS: No options for students

I am dismayed by the total disregard for the safety of our students from the lack of a virtual learning option for students who...

OPINION: Surprise: Residents must be prepared for even late-forming storms

It’s no secret that the Rio Grande Valley is the terminal point of the Atlantic tropical storm corridor. As such, many Valley residents are...

OPINION: Welcome change: Adding UIL adaptive sports opens opportunities to many

Amid the several controversial new laws enacted this year by the Texas legislature were some good bills that deserved, and got, bipartisan support. One...

OPINION: Still affected: Twenty years after attacks, we should seek old normalcy

Twenty years have passed since terrorists changed our world; arguably, that change has been for the worse. Nearly 3,000 people died when terrorists hijacked two...

LETTERS: Biden bashed

I just heard on Fox News that Joe Biden is passionate about human rights. May I add that his “human-rights passion” unfortunately only extends for...

COMMENTARY: Looking for solidarity

By James C. Harrington, Special to MyRGV.com “Solidarity” has long been the watchword of the U.S. labor movement. It represented not only unity within workers’...

LETTERS: Reason to cry

During these times of multiple things happening across the states, country and world, it seems that there is more division than unity. I am a...