Edinburg High's Nick Gonzalez (top left), PSJA High's Jaime Lopez (top middle), Weslaco East's Alex Martinez (top right), Edinburg Vela's Luis Garcia (bottom left), Mission Veterans' Aiden Uribe (bottom middle), and Donna High's Xavier Rodriguez (bottom right) are members of The Monitor's 2023 All-Area Football First Team.

Below are The Monitor’s 2023 All-Area Football Teams and Superlatives featuring the top high school football players from Hidalgo and Starr Counties.

The Monitor’s 2023 All-Area Football selections were voted on by sports staff at The Brownsville Herald, The Monitor and Valley Morning Star.

The Brownsville Herald and Valley Morning Star 2023 All-Area Football Teams can be found here. The Brownsville Herald and Valley Morning Star’s All-Area Teams are made up of players from Cameron and Willacy County.

The Monitor’s 2023 All-Area Superlatives

Player of the Year: Eli Rodriguez, Weslaco High

Co-Offensive Players of the Year: Braden Luedeker, Mission Veterans; Jamal Polley, Edinburg Vela

Defensive Player of the Year: Danny Garcia, PSJA North

Sub-5A Player of the Year: Brandon Felix, La Villa

Lineman of the Year: Joe Derek Vecchio, PSJA North

Utility Player of the Year: Leroy Palacios, PSJA North

Newcomer of the Year: Dylan Tijerina, Sharyland Pioneer

Coach of the Year: Roy Stroman, Weslaco High

The Monitor’s 2023 All-Area First Team

Quarterback: Jaime Lopez, PSJA High

Running Back: Ethan Guerra, PSJA North; Ulysses Melendez, Edinburg North

Fullback: Isaac Lozano, Roma

Wide Receiver: Leo Espinoza, Sharyland Pioneer; Xavier Rodriguez, Donna High; Ryan Vallejo, PSJA High

Tight End: Julius Arredondo, PSJA North

Offensive Line: Jordan Brewster, PSJA North; Julian Lopez, PSJA Memorial; Adaen Sanchez, PSJA North; Mario Villafranca, Weslaco East; Diego Zavala, Weslaco High

Defensive Line: Dante Garcia, PSJA North; Matthew Garza, Weslaco High; Juan Oviedo, Weslaco East; Jorge Rios, PSJA High

Linebacker: Steven Garza, PSJA North; Michael Gonzales, PSJA North; Cody Longoria, PSJA High;  Aiden Uribe, Mission Veterans

Defensive Back: Luis Garcia, Edinburg Vela; Nick Gonzalez, Edinburg High; Greg Granados, Weslaco East; Andrew Rivera, Sharyland Pioneer

Athlete: Alex Martinez, Weslaco East

Kicker: Omar Garcia, PSJA Memorial

Punter: Marcelo Peña, Valley View

The Monitor’s 2023 All-Area Second Team

Quarterback: Julian Valdez, Sharyland Pioneer

Running Back: Emiliano Colunga, PSJA Memorial; Ryen Abrego, Edinburg High

Fullback: Jason Montez, PSJA North

Wide Receiver: Jayreed Amaya, Edcouch-Elsa; Obed Marin, Mission Veterans; Jude Vega, Edinburg High

Tight End: Nick Karam, McAllen High

Offensive Line: Christian Ayala, Monte Alto; Artemio Belmontes, Roma; Marcos Caballero, Edinburg Vela; Josh Lang, McAllen Memorial; Carlos Rodriguez, McAllen Memorial

Defensive Line: Abram Garcia, La Joya Palmview; Daryn Hanks, Weslaco High; Marcus Hernandez, PSJA Memorial; Brayan Hinojosa, Roma

Linebacker: Matthew Cano, Edcouch-Elsa; Ryan Escamilla, Weslaco East; Humberto Leal, Donna High; Jesse Montez, PSJA North

Defensive Back: Gabriel Horta, Weslaco East; Pablo Lopez, Mission Veterans; Chris Luna, McAllen Memorial; Nathan Rocha, McAllen High

Athlete: Rey Perez, La Villa

Kicker: Julian Betancourt, Weslaco High

Punter: Jorge Rios, PSJA High