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As early voting for the March 5 primaries began, several letter writers focused on political parties and candidates. Other topics of discussion included continued discussion about animal rights and the proposed land exchange between the state and SpaceX as well as local theater fare and the permanence of social media accounts.

As always, we appreciate your contributions and welcome dialog among our readers.

Only cowards ever relocate

In response to Mr. Gerard Pahl’s response letter of Jan. 30, I have always called all these male adults fleeing their countries for a better life cowards! Yes, cowards! They are here to benefit from what this country and our people have suffered through to have what we have!

Mr. Pahl asks what another person would do in the same financial situation. I would not be here if I were in their shoes!

We went to war with England, established a new government, went through our own civil war and saw nothing but death and more death! Freedom to live your life as you please today has not come cheap.

These men have no desire to change their country as we Americans did years ago. They can get in line with their entire family and petition our country for entry, the legal way!

Ernest Gorena


Democrats spur attack

Democrats are panicking, trying at all costs to keep Donald Trump from running, because of the long media-suppressed, possible exposure of the damage and evil they’ve done to America if Trump wins.

They keep inventing daily evil accusations against Trump to cover their long-unlimited evils: The illegal migration invasions they’ve created, against long-existing, lawful immigration laws; also, the mutilation of children; the abortion of unborn babies; the drag queen shows; the increasing incoming drugs and books they’ve pushed on innocent children; ignoring the crimes escalating on our own border, namely the sex-slavery trafficking ruining young lives forever.

They care more about corrupt United Nations relief programs for our adversaries, covering up corruption in Ukraine, Iran and Hamas rather than helping America’s own suffering people.

The Soviet Union and Adolf Hitler did enough damage, now they’re trying to outdo their evil by escalating their own.

“What will we do when Trump is gone?” “Breathe!”

We respect adult personal choices of every human being, but never the coercion and mutilation of innocent children, because real Americans do care for the protection of innocent children. God loves his little children and would do anything to prevent their annihilation.

No wonder their attacks do not stop, to keep a communist and ungodly takeover ongoing and a fake Green New Deal enriching them, pure and simple. Last reminder, do they ever mention the Biden family scandals, the FISA abuses against Americans, the Fani Willis scandal, the massive trillions spent on fraud Paycheck Protection Program loans, their clinging to “insurrection” when our top legal minds have refused to call it that?

Of course they view themselves as pillars of honesty, because they’ve become masters of truth suppression, just like Russia, Nazi, fascist and all communist countries have done before. They follow their playbook to perfection and accuse the Republicans of what they do, to deflect from their ongoing evils. That is not American democracy; stop the cynical lies!

Stop talking about a “broken border;” the truth is the constitutional laws are in place; they’re being destroyed by communist revolutionaries seeking elitist power for themselves, not we the people.

Imelda Coronado


Constitution not in danger

I read Vicki L. Bunderson’s Feb. 7 commentary, “Trump is no Messiah,” with great interest; I thought it was a well-written article.

However, I would like to point out one part of her commentary where she writes that Joe Biden’s predecessor “has said even the U.S. Constitution should be terminated if it conflicts with his aims.”

A MAGA politician who wants our Constitution to be abolished is simply asking for too much trouble. Does Jan. 6, 2021, provide a clear picture of that concept? Do Biden’s predecessor or any of his MAGA loyalists have any idea what our Constitution should be replaced with in that instance? The obstacles are too big of a hassle for anyone who is eager to “revamp” the Constitution and that task is simply an impossibility for anyone to try it.

If the the MAGA followers support that ominous idea of scrapping our nation’s most sacred document, they might as well kiss their beloved Second Amendment (the right to bear arms) goodbye. It’s either the whole document or none at all. There’s no other way around it.

So rest assured, Ms. Bunderson and everyone else, our nation’s beloved Constitution will always stand the test of time.

Roberto Lopez


Republicans spur criticism

“At some point we need to divorce the liars,” Ernest Gorena wrote on Feb. 14. So, does this mean Gorena agrees with those who “divorced” Donald Trump for lying and committing felonious crimes? No. Turns out Gorena was talking about Democrats, not Trump. My bad.

Some GOPers pretend to legislate but all they do is aggravate and hinder progress. Then they turn around and blame Democrats for not getting things done. Does Gorena support these GOPers?

“This doesn’t sound like the Republican party I remember!”

Does Gorena agree with those who think the attack on our revered Capitol was no big deal? If the mob had managed to destroy our democracy and our Constitution, and had they managed to hang Mike Pence and keep Trump in power, would it then be considered a “big deal?” Of course, it would! We’d be hearing hilarious “Hallelujahs’ until they deafened our ears!

GOP anti-constitutionalists emboldened Trump to carry on with his Neanderthal nonsense. Was Gorena among them or is he among those who ask, “If what Trump did was so bad, why aren’t more Republicans saying so?”

Good questions deserve good answers. Any volunteers? Anyone?

Italo J. Zarate


Voters should support animals

This year, Texans will go to the ballot box to vote for their representatives, from the Oval Office to the state legislature. Elected officials in these positions determine daily life for us and our furry and feathered friends. That is why I’ll be asking candidates where they stand on animal protection, and you should, too.

Humane lawmakers understand the threats to companion animals and wildlife alike. They also know that legislation and regulation are critical tools in the fight against cruelty. So, when a candidate comes knocking, ask them: What will you do for animals? Will you work to end the puppy mill to pet store pipeline? Will you support efforts to end wildlife killing contests? When we vote, we determine who works on our behalf in Austin, and I want to know that those legislators are committed to protecting the most vulnerable among us.

Before casting your vote on March 5, I urge you to raise animal welfare as a priority and to support candidates who will defend Texas’ animals.

Alex Gamez

Texas state director

Humane Society Legislative Fund


Land swap draws fire

Texas doesn’t have a lot of public land. As a percentage of total land area, Texas ranks last in the nation. But in terms of access to nature Texas has done some good things.

One was passing the Texas Open Beaches Act in 1959, guaranteeing unrestricted public access to all beaches. Then in 2009 the citizens overwhelmingly voted to make their unrestricted access to beaches a constitutional amendment.

A brown pelican glides over the Rio Grande River near Boca Chica Beach. (Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald)

Another good thing was buying the land in 1994 that became Boca Chica State Park. These nearly 1,300 acres are adjacent to South Bay and its surrounding marshes, tidal flats, salt prairie and sand dunes. It is an area of immense value to wildlife and internationally recognized for shorebirds, wading birds, hundreds of migrating bird species and a number of rare and endangered species. There are few if any habitats like this on the entire Texas coast. SpaceX is heavily impacting the wildlands of Boca Chica and is increasingly keeping the public out. When Elon Musk said, after a Starship prototype blew up, that “there’s nothing out there,” he did not know or care that Boca Chica’s sea grasses, marshes, tidal flats and algal mats sustain a wide diversity of life. How diverse? In the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s own words, in a 1992 federal grant application, ”(We) identified 523 species (179 plants and 344 animals) … animals included 14 mollusks, 23 crabs and shrimp, 61 fishes, 9 amphibians, 31 reptiles, 184 birds and 22 mammals.” Even the algal mats and other microorganisms, while inapparent to the eye, are the basic building blocks of life for all of Boca Chica and South Bay.

TPWD bought half of Boca Chica State Park from the Texas Nature Conservancy in 1994 with a federal Fish & Wildlife grant. Now TPWD wants to facilitate further SpaceX expansion and its impacts by disposing of 43 acres of Boca Chica, in return for 477 acres near Laguna Vista.

A general map showing the areas of a proposed land swap between the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and SpaceX. (Courtesy: TPWD)

Texas Parks (or Cameron County) can and should preserve and protect these 477 acres, and the citizens of Texas just authorized $1 billion to enable them to do just that, create more natural areas and state parks. But trade away part of Boca Chica? That would betray the commitment made 30 years ago to the Department of the Interior, Texas Nature Conservancy and the people of Texas when the land was purchased, to keep Boca Chica’s precious and irreplaceable ecosystem whole.

Tell the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission that their job is to protect Boca Chica, not trade it away. Send them your thoughts by going to and scrolling down to “Public Notice TPW Special Commission Meeting March 4, 2024” for an online comment form.

Jim Chapman


Performance draws praise

We had the most wonderful time at Camille Playhouse in Brownsville on Feb. 17. We saw the performance of “Anything Goes.” This is a funny musical from the 1930s.

The cast during their performance of “Anything Goes” at Camille Playhouse in Brownsville. (Courtesy: Camille Playhouse/Facebook)

The actors were great! They danced and sang and even tapped! And there was a live orchestra!

It is hard to believe these folks (and one dog) are all volunteers!

Mary Elizabeth Hollman


Conditions criticized

Never did I think that in my lifetime I would witness the wholesale purchase of future voters in my country. Such is the case since President Joe Biden took office three years ago. Eight million documented “caught and released” and more than 3 million documented “known got-aways.”

In what foreign country can you illegally enter and then get a free wardrobe, free travel, free room and board, free debit card, and a free phone?

Shameless! The world is on fire! Hatred for all that is “American” is everywhere! Our religion is being attacked! Our children are being indoctrinated at schools, men are being allowed in the girl’s restrooms and locker rooms, and the cost of living is through the roof!

Election integrity is in question now. We have a double standard in the legal system and our police are being overrun!

Are we better off today under a Democrat president? I don’t think so!

Don’t kid yourselves; gas prices have come down because it is an election year but prices haven’t come down on groceries! Businesses have been duped into paying $15 an hour for menial jobs! This only adds fuel to the inflation fire!

Dan you all afford four more years of this? It is going to take a major replacement of those politicians who vote how they are told and not for the benefit of their constituents! I said politicians because I mean all!

Our borders are boiling over and our women and girls are being disrespected! Our congressman did nothing to fix our problems!

Get out and vote! We need people who remember who put them there and that our local problems demand their attention!

Knowing the per capita income of the Valley, people should not be voting for liberals! Do you like to suffer? Vote for change! We cannot continue this way!

Ernest Gorena


Vegan diet suggested

A truck transporting chicken guts spilled its contents on a road in Marshall, Texas, leaving a horrific reminder of what happens in slaughterhouses. If the sight and smell of this incident disturb you, go vegan.

Chickens fiercely protect their young, enjoy basking in the sun, and can distinguish between more than 100 faces of their own species. These interesting birds feel pain, experience fear and value their lives. They don’t want to die to become a bucket of fried body parts or someone’s sandwich. When we go vegan, we refuse to support the exploitation and consumption of these sentient beings. Plus, vegan foods are healthy.

Studies show that going vegan reduces the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers while enhancing overall well-being. And going vegan is environmentally friendly, as animal agriculture is a major contributor to deforestation, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

So, let’s go vegan for a more compassionate, sustainable, eco-friendly future. For vegan recipes and information, check out

Rebecca Libauskas

Climate Research Specialist

The PETA Foundation

Norfolk, VA

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