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LETTERS: This battle is toughest

As a Marine, I knew that service would take me away from my family. And when I came back home, I was so excited...

LETTERS: Vaccine fears spur comment

If you’re not willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine, are you willing to bury you spouse, kids, mother or father, grandparents or maybe that...

LETTERS: Audit praised

Congratulations to reporter Matt Wilson and The Monitor for the expose based on the Weslaco ISD audit (Sept. 26). One can only wonder if...

LETTERS: Stopping suicide

Mental health should be at the forefront of our overall health, especially during these trying times when our communities have been put under immense...

LETTERS: Loving the USA

Man, I love this country! I love the U.S.A. I went to Veterans Affairs recently and saw a lot of my military brothers and sisters,...

LETTERS: Word games

These Texas legislators are really getting good at being stupid. Our governor doesn’t want to force school kids to wear masks to protect themselves...

LETTERS: Support climate change measure

On June 30, 49 U.S. scientific organizations, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Meteorological Society, sent a letter to...

LETTERS: Tattered flags spur comment

Aug. 23 was the start of a new school year at UTRGV and Texas Southmost College campuses. The parking lots are full, students walking...

LETTERS: Raza wanted on the screen

Am I the only Mexican American who is tired of seeing only Blacks, Whites and Orientals on the TV screen and movies? We are...

LETTERS: What are we to do with immigrants?

Thousands coming across out southern borders. Thousands arrived from Afghanistan. All coming to The United States of America. Joe Biden, what are you doing? How...