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LETTERS: Mexico criticized, Celebrating human rights

The Nov. 25 article by Dallas Morning News staff flaunts Mexico’s Marxist-style “Know Your Rights” power grab.

LETTERS: Letter writers draw attacks, Limit terms of officials

Just a few comments in response to letters by Beto Conde, Shirley Rickett and Oscar Garza. Each writer goes on and on about how former President Donald Trump and his supporters are a bunch of fascists, conspiracy theorists and illegal immigration/border alarmists.

LETTERS: Tribalism takes hold, Fateful encounter

Judges have ruled an insurrectionist can run for president (Michigan, Minnesota). A judge has ruled felons can possess guns (Chicago).

LETTERS: Trump backed, Launch blasted, Rage lives, Assassination led to changes

Hamas individuals may have already crossed our border and no, they did not walk hundreds of miles through Mexico carrying and hiding weapons and explosives. With billions sent to Iran by our fearless leader, they probably flew into Matamoros with professionally forged passports and burned them before wading across the river!

LETTERS: Interrupted by tragedy, Curb service draws attack

It was my first teaching job: I joined Catholic Lay Mission Corps after graduating from St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind., and was assigned a sixth-grade class at Dolores School south of Austin. The teachers lived in an army barracks across the parking lot from the church and school.

LETTERS: Republicans spur comment, Saenz backed

Tired of making sense of the news? At least on a rational plane of thought? Paul Pelosi’s attempted kidnapper and/or murderer weeps in court because he was radicalized, and beat an 83-year-old man almost to death in his own home.

LETTERS: Crime family, Political justice

For those MAGATrumpers who keep spouting right-wing propaganda about the “Biden crime family.” I know you never heard it on FOX, Infowars, Newsmax or any other right-wing, fascist propaganda sources, so here are some facts about the true crime family.

LETTERS: Democrats draw attack, Weapons defended, Value of life

It is truly hilarious what the Democrats got themselves into. They tell the world how intelligent they are and that our country is going down the drain and with it, our democracy! Farthest from the truth!

LETTERS: Success at school, Expansion draws fire

In the Rio Grande Valley, open enrollment in public schools is a critical component of school choice, and it played a pivotal role in my daughter’s success.

LETTER: Halloween memories

I remember when I was a teenager participating in devil’s night, a day before Halloween, a group of neighborhood friends were going to show me how it’s done. They gave me a piece of soap to write on car windows. I was hesitant but gave in to fit in.