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Over 7,000 ballots cast on first day of early voting in Hidalgo, Cameron counties

Both Hidalgo and Cameron counties saw an increase in first day early voting numbers compared to the 2022 primary early voting turnout with a surge in the former’s mail-in ballots and the latter’s Cameron County Republican showing.

VA opening drive-thru food pantry at no cost to Valley veterans

HARLINGEN — The VA's healthcare clinic is holding free a drive-thru pantry offering veterans healthy food.

Editorial: Despite ERCOT problems, connecting state to national power grid not a good idea

The deadly February 2021 statewide freeze exposed great inadequacies and mismanagement in Texas’ energy network. Since then little progress is evident in addressing the primary problems. Now a bill in Congress would force Texas, which has the only single-state energy program on the U.S. mainland, to connect to the nationwide power grid.

Commentary: Public should pay for student loans, biased education

It is unforgivable that any adult would suggest to any student that there might be a possibility to escape accountability for a loan. Actual experience has more value than all the lofty words taught from our dictionaries. If degree has a value less than the recipient is willing to repay, it certainly is less than what a taxpayer might be forced to repay.

UTRGV mobile lab hopes to take agriculture education across RGV

EDINBURG — After planting the seeds of this project over two years ago, UTRGV’s Hub of Prosperity, a 5-acre research and education farm, is now cultivating their effort in a new mobile learning lab that takes their sustainable agriculture teachings all across the Rio Grande Valley.

San Benito cooking hot elections as Cruz-Vela faces ex-superintendent

SAN BENITO — On San Benito’s fiery political stage, the May 4 election’s shaping up like a scorcher, with Theresa Servellon, the school district’s past superintendent, challenging Ariel Cruz-Vela, a leader in the board of trustees’ new majority, for her seat on the school board.

Like the southern coast: Muelle 37’s Mexican seafood

HARLINGEN — Fish swim along the walls and the music fills my ears as the waiter shows me to a table.

Commentary: Memories of war can arouse a person’s courage to cry

There is a part of me that after more than 50 years still overwhelms and devastates me whenever my memories of that time and place overpowers my mind and my soul: Vietnam. A time and place that forever scared the bodies, minds and souls of hundreds of thousands of boys and men like me. Youngsters filled with dreams of life and of living. Of coming home and growing old, and in between, experiencing the natural evolution through the seasons and through the challenges and diversities promised by time, circumstance and opportunity.

Commentary: Check your mate for cancer

February is the month we show our love to the special people in our lives. As you spend time with family, friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day and throughout February, remember that showing you care about someone goes beyond flowers and chocolate. Show them how much they mean to you by prioritizing their health, checking your mate for possible signs of cancer and checking in with your mates to ensure they are making and keeping necessary medical appointments.