Southwest Airlines has unveiled a new fare class which will be the airline’s second-cheapest option.

Wanna Get Away Plus will fit in between the original Wanna Get Away and Anytime.

It makes four different fare grades which, for a higher price, offer more options and amenities. The new fare class isn’t available yet and won’t be until perhaps as late as June, so pricing is not yet clear.

The three fare classes Southwest already offers are Business Select, Anytime and Wanna Get Away. Wanna Get Away Plus will be somewhere between Anytime and Wanna Get Away, price-wise.

For example, a flight that costs say $175 for Business Select currently is about $134 for Anytime and $104 for Wanna Get Away. So Get Away Plus will come in somewhere between Anytime and the current Wanna Get Away.

Southwest hopes the selling points of Wanna Get Away Plus will make customers pay a little extra for a flight. These include allowing customers to make a one-time transfer of eligible unused flight credit to a new traveler for future use, more flexible same-day confirmed changes or same-day standby and 8X Rapid Rewards Points.