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Beach Park Waterpark opens weekends starting Saturday

Imagine bringing your own picnic, parking for free and using the park’s inner tubes, life vests and boogie boards at no cost as you and your family enjoy Beach Park Waterpark on South Padre Island.

Longest Causeway Run will set the pace Saturday

Registration continues for the 38th Annual Longest Causeway Run & Fitness Walk on Saturday, when an anticipated 1,500 walkers and runners will cross the Queen Isabella Memorial Bridge from Port Isabel to South Padre Island.

Abbott to talk end of Title 42 in Valley

Gov. Greg Abbott will be in the Rio Grande Valley on Wednesday to hold a press conference about the end of Title 42, a public health code that essentially blocked migrants from seeking asylum.

Kim Kardashian urges governor to stop execution of Melissa Lucio

Celebrity Kim Kardashian has signed the petition to ask Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to stop the execution of Harlingen native Melissa Lucio.

Forensic team surveys migrant graves outside Brownsville

The sun was already high overhead at 9 a.m. on Friday as forensic anthropologist Dr. Kate Spradley and her team set up for the day’s work in Guillen Community Cemetery.

First triple-digit day of 2022 expected Wednesday

Forget the calendar. Here in the Rio Grande Valley, you know winter’s really, truly over when you see a forecast for your first 100-degree day. And...

Orion strides across southern sky

High in the south for many months, the Orion constellation looks much more like a butterfly than it does a hunter. Depending on who is doing the sky-watching, some think the stars in the pattern looks like a hair bow or a butterfly instead of a giant man. Of course, we never tell Orion that because like Mohammed Ali/Cassius Clay, he’d “fight like a butterfly and sting like a bee” if we told him that.

Congressman says don’t worry about SpaceX leaving

Elon Musk’s answer to a question posed by The Brownsville Herald during Musk’s Feb. 10 presentation at SpaceX’s Starship development site at Boca Chica site, dubbed Starbase, has spawned a degree of anxiety among some local officials that the world’s most successful private rocket company could slip away.

Modern twists bring UTRGV’s next opera maturely up to date

By Rachel Mann The UTRGV Opera Theater will present Michael Ching’s “Speed Dating Tonight!”, a one-act comic opera in three parts based on a concept...

Doctor gives advice as allergy season hits Rio Grande Valley

BROWNSVILLE — Blooming flowers, budding trees, and blustery winds are often the hallmarks of springtime in the Rio Grande Valley. But for many local residents,...