LETTERS: Trump blasted

Over the past 10 years I’ve watched Republicans play fast and loose with the information they claim is factual. Yes, Operation Warp Speed was a successful, life-saving operation, but it was put in place only after Mr. Trump spent six months trying to convince the American public that it was “only one tourist,” “it was just the flu,” fighting with and intimidating Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC, advising the public that drinking bleach might be effective until, after catching it himself, he finally fully implemented Operation Warp Speed.

LETTERS: Don’t permit development

Our families want more than a concrete jungle, they want a thriving environment in which to raise their children. At a recent town hall meeting, residents expressed concerns about additional flooding in the area, environmental impact of development, loss of a Frisbee golf course and family access to nature.

LETTERS: Public workers draw support

Texans support the financial strength of their cities’ municipal employees, firefighters and police officers’ retirement systems. At least that’s the message they’ve sent in three local elections across the state, reaching back to 2017.

LETTERS: Who is Wagner?

What kind of sweet deal did Putin give the Wagner private army leader to back off? Share power, money, have control over southern districts in Russia?

LETTERS: Indictment evaluated

The indictment of ex-president Donald Trump is based on provable evidence. Trump has been going around the country complaining that he’s the victim of a witch hunt by Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, repeating this over and over. As usual he is lying to his gullible supporters.

LETTERS: Lost minds perceived

People have completely lost their minds. It’s hard to figure out the cause. Just maybe it’s the climate change that is the cause of all these killings, judicial system losing its equilibrium and all others making inexplicable decisions.

LETTER: School chaplains raise concerns

I am a retired school psychologist with 20 years of experience working in public and private schools as well as mental health clinics. After retiring I pursued an master of divinity degree and pastored two congregations for an additional 12 years.

LETTERS: Comments about letter

In a recent letter Ned Sheats states this country is full of “hate” and largely blames the Republicans. He states that during Barack Obama’s years in office, it was a time of sanity. He continues by alleging Republicans placed obstacles to prevent Obama from accomplishing several things during his terms in office.

LETTERS: Indictment addressed

"It’s an ugly day for ‘democracy’ when a sitting U.S. president running for re-election uses the Department of Justice to ‘indict’ and ‘arrest’ his leading opponent”; so tweeted Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott. Why would our supposedly intelligent governor tweet such nonsense? It’s not true and he knows it. Is he hoping the MAGA crowd he caters to will swallow it hook, line and sinker? It worked for Donald Trump, why not him?

LETTERS: Noteworthy recognition

I would like to thank your newspaper and Fernando Del Valle for writing the story about the Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center’s national recognition by the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio and placing the story on the front page of the Valley Morning Star.