Letters: Columnist condemned

Some people are just unbelievably blind, or ignorant. And Ruben Navarrette doesn’t disappoint. He writes in his commentary of Aug. 6 that Trump is “Acting like a sore loser” regarding the 2020 presidential election.

And now that Trump has been indicted for supposedly trying to overturn the election, Navarrette, “instead of welcoming each new Trump indictment, … now dread(s) them.” He dreads the “possibility that Trump might beat the rap” and says that “It’s time to panic” because if Trump is reelected, “it’s the American people who will suffer the punishment.”

What punishment? I think Ruben foolishly and ignorantly wants to say that America was punished under Trump because we “suffered” with low gas prices, no new wars, a great economy, low inflation, secure borders. Yeah, I don’t mind “suffering” like that again and Ruben is delusional, and in the minority, if he thinks the Trump years were a “punishment.”

This is the same guy who believes and hopes that Nikki Haley “can make the Republican Party human again.” This guy that thinks the Republicans are at this point “nonhuman.”

Nonhuman, deplorable, racist. I’ve been called all that and more by the Democrats. But he is far from being alone; recently even Nancy Pelosi said “she fears for American democracy if Republicans win the House. …”

A new national poll showed more Republicans were likely to vote for Trump after his third indictment, and 75% think the new charges are a “distraction” from the Biden corruption and his historically low approval ratings.

Perhaps Ruben should use his writing prowess to reveal the actual Biden corruption family that is being exposed by more legitimate reporters every day.

Joel Ramirez




I am sad today. Until Aug. 18, I had always looked forward to Louise Butler’s informative and entertaining commentaries in our newspaper. I have passed on her commentaries to members of my email group.

But in her commentary she is just like the people she wrote about in her commentary who falsely accused someone of being a pedophile. The sad part is I am not sure if she realizes that she is acting like them.

She actually said the Jan. 6 protesters intended to overthrow our American government, and she blames President Donald Trump for it. She calls President Trump a “failed” president. And yet she gives zero evidence proving her accusation.

The Jan. 6 protest was to prevent those states whose presidential election was being questioned as valid not be able to cast their Electoral College votes unless it could be resolved. In accordance with our Constitution if it couldn’t be resolved the House of Representatives would determine who won.

A similar instance happened in 1800 with the Thomas Jefferson vs. Aaron Burr presidential contest. The House decided that Thomas Jefferson won the presidency.

There was no attempt to overthrow our government.

I do though thank Ms. Butler for helping me increase my vocabulary. I had to look up “demimonde” and “jejune.”

Darrell Williams Sr.


Editor’s note: The House decided the 1800 election after Jefferson and Burr received the same number of Electoral College votes, under rules that were in effect at the time.

The rules changed with ratification of the 12th Amendment in 1804.

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