Letters: Justice served

After reviewing a newspaper article, I believe the jury made a good decision to convict Ruben Gutierrez for execution. He is scheduled for execution for murdering 85-year-old Escolastica Harrison. The decisions Ruben Gutierrez made were only to target this person to get her funds. But there were complications, so they murdered her so it would not interfere with their plans. Ruben Gutierrez acknowledged being involved in the robbery but has argued DNA testing would prove his innocence that he was not in Harrison’s home and that jurors would not have convicted him and sentenced him to death. He kept insisting on getting DNA tested once again. Even though he did not kill the victim, it would not make a difference; he still committed a crime by being involved in it and by planning it with the others. According to detectives, Gutierrez knew Harrison through her nephew and according to prosecutors, befriended her just to rob her. So, he teamed up.

Attorney Margaret Schmucker filed a motion asking to be taken off the case due to lack of experience, and relevant experience for an appeal could include a demand for DNA testing. Gutierrez was granted a stay because his new attorneys argued that they needed more time to learn about Gutierrez and to examine the massive case record.

The fact that Gutierrez and the two men plotted to rob Harrison and thought she had $600,000 makes it more interesting in this case. There had to be more people involved because she trusted someone. Whoever she trusted did not keep it a secret and told others and it got to Ruben’s ears. Gutierrez’s plans did not go as planned so they had to go with Plan B, which was to kill her. She was struck repeatedly and stabbed multiple times in the head, dying from her injuries.

I am glad Harrison got the justice she deserved and now she can rest in peace because her last moments were very crucial and gruesome. Escolastica Harrison’s family can now rest and have closure.

Jenette Vargas


Questioning protestors

Duane Rasmussen tells us that responsible and patriotic Americans should be totally disgusted with the recent and ongoing antics at many of our colleges and universities. It is extremely difficult to understand what is provoking such outbursts and conspiracies of obstruction to campus activity (Letters, May 6 April 26).

I wonder: did Rasmussen find it extremely difficult to understand why Donald Trump posted on Jan. 6 for protestors to “take our country back,” to “Stop the Steal,” and “to fight like hell?” Did he find it extremely difficult to understand why the gullible protestors angrily complied and viciously attacked the Capitol of the United States. Did he write to the editor to tell us that responsible and patriotic Americans should have been totally disgusted with the “poor loser’s” antics? Just asking.

When asked how fascism starts, Bertrand Russell replied: “First they fascinate the fools. Then they muzzle the intelligent.”

“Never follow follow a leader who is more in love with power than people” (native American proverb.)

“One must especially beware beware of selfish men who would clip the wings of the American Eagle in order to feather their own nests” (Franklin D. Roosevelt).

Italo J. Zarate


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