LETTERS: What about Democrats?, More births applauded, Trump is not the president, Services, not shelter

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What about Democrats?

Just a few comments in response to letter by Letty Martinez-Roerig (June 21), who states that former President Trump and Republicans as a whole are the greatest threat to our republic.

As is usually the case with other Trump haters, the writer opens her letter by painting Mr. Trump as some kind of monster who is guilty of a variety of crimes and immoral behavior.

The writer then turns her hateful rhetoric toward Trump supporters and states that support for Mr. Trump requires deep moral decay and aberration in their soul(s). My response to the writer’s “holier than thou” attitude would be that Mr. Trump and Republicans as a whole, while less than perfect human beings, would never turn a blind eye, or worse, be supportive of:

(1) Lax immigration policies/open borders that have allowed millions of unvetted illegal immigrants, many with criminal records, to enter the country.

(2) Indoctrination, sexualization of children and “drag queen story hour” in public schools.

(3) “Peaceful demonstrations” characterized by rioting, looting and attacks on police/law enforcement.

The writer should perhaps not be so quick to judge and disparage Republicans, since Democrats who exhibit even tacit support for the policies/behavior outlined above can hardly be described as paragons of virtue. The writer should, moreover, take a moment to contemplate the meaning and significance of the biblical quote that states: “Who am I to judge another, when I myself walk imperfectly.”

Ben Castillo


More births applauded

“Nearly 10,000 more babies born in Texas after six-week abortion ban.” I read the headline and it was an epiphany for sure.

A fetus is a child and abortion is termination of a life, to put it mildly, or simply murder, to use a more caustic but accurate term. The article in the June 16 issue talks about how “barriers to abortion” (Texas Senate Bill 8) have caused “implications for birthing people” (mothers) causing them to “continue an unwanted or unsafe pregnancy to term” (give life). I applaud this!

I am not a Donald Trump fan and did not vote for him in 2016 or in 2020, but this headline made me grateful to all the people who did. President Trump set into motion the events that have allowed 10,000 Texan babies to enter this world and that is a good thing.

Carlos T. Calderon


Trump is not the president

To any person who believes Donald Trump was exonerated about having used Russian help via electronics, he was not. The Mueller report contains information into how he actually was in collusion with Russian activists. The recommendation to the Department of Justice, however, was not to indict a sitting president.

He ain’t a sitting president any longer. People may not even believe that last sentence, but it is the truth, and the truth will set us free.

Martha Talamas


Services, not shelter

The animal control issues here come down to two things: the lack of enough veterinarians and the cost of spay/neuter surgery. If Hidalgo County has the money to build a new shelter, it should first double the number of vets to do S/N surgery, and lower the cost of having it done.

Debra Bolin


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