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LETTERS: Food aid addressed

Re: the headline, “Debt deal imposes new work requirements for food aid” (June 4): What could be a more descriptive difference between the terms “conservative” and “liberal” than a sticking point in compromise over food aid to the poor or the just-hanging-on?

LETTERS: Strange times

We are in a strange era when nothing is normal. It’s like we have entered into a twilight zone.

Proposed LNG facility targeted for opposition

I have made at least a half dozen trips up the Texas and Louisiana coast over the past 10 years, have seen the many refineries and petrochemical plants around St. Charles, Beaumont, Port Arthur, the Houston Ship Channel, Baytown and Corpus Christi. I always return home grateful and relieved that where I live, the Rio GrandeValley, we have none of those. The defunct 1970s’ small Brownsville Union Carbide refinery left its legacy as a designated superfund site due to its nationally significant hazardous pollution of soils and/or groundwater.

LETTERS: Trump support draws comment

On Memorial Day weekend I saw parades and marches and a gathering of people, and speeches given by our leaders to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I remembered my father, Manuel M. Moreno, who served during WWII.

Green your home, future

The U.S. housing market is cooling. Median home prices have declined more than 9% from record highs last summer.

LETTERS: Language immersion

Rep. R.D. “Bobby” Guerra wrote recently about the need in Texas for bilingual education and many legislative proposals to accomplish this. I’d like to offer my perspective.

LETTERS: No one controls Supreme Court

Your guest editorial from the infamous New York Times wants someone to rein in the renegade Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is not beholden to anyone. That’s the way the Founding Father wanted it to be. The Supremes are accountable only to the Constitution, and that was and is the plan.

LETTERS: Republicans garner fire

Republicans in the House of Representatives are now proposing laws to fix banking regulations due to the recent large bank failures. These Republicans won’t tell their supporters that it was their guru Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress who got rid of the regulations put in by President Barack Obama in the first place.

American-made mass shootings – again and again

Remember the days when mass shootings in this country were rare events by rogue actors? Those days are long gone, as American-style mass gun violence — four or more people shot in a single incident — occurs daily.

LETTERS: Conservatives draw defense

We read nothing but daily accolades and opinions from the media that mostly fit Marxist narratives under the guise of pretending to be against these oppressive ideologies. It seems to be the core of a propagandized campaign to “fundamentally” destroy America.