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Flu shots encouraged as cases overtake COVID in local hospitals

Flu season has arrived in the Rio Grande Valley as county health officials are beginning to see an uptick in cases.

Medical trial at DHR aims to diagnose PTSD with eye exam

Diagnosing post-traumatic stress disorder can be complicated, and can often require someone to share something that’s difficult to talk about.

Valley medical experts bring implant-based sleep apnea treatment to region

For Dr. Frank Robert Glatz, an ear, nose and throat specialist at South Texas Health System, a new device that is implanted in one’s throat will change the lives of those struggling with sleep apnea.

Once hesitant, Donna cancer survivor says mammogram saved her life

Consuelo Lopez's voice trembled when recalling the fear that overcame her upon hearing the words that nobody ever wants to hear: a breast cancer diagnosis.

Photo Gallery: NICU medical staff embraces children they nursed to health

Doctors and nurses who make up the neonatal intensive care unit at DHR Health's Women's in Edinburg embraced the children they nursed to health while in their care during a reunion event on Saturday.

Valley children reunited with NICU doctors and nurses who helped them

EDINBURG — Nancy Colbath, a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit at DHR Health, smiled softly as she looked out at the crowd of families dressed in Halloween costumes.

Raymondville school district initiative ensures employees get timely mammograms

RAYMONDVILLE — October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

RGV families encouraged to attend first NICU reunion in four years

It may be one of the most heartwarming scenes — the sight of the medical staff who nursed babies to health while in a neonatal intensive care unit embracing and being reunited with those children and their families.

Children hospitalized in Edinburg treated to Halloween costume party

EDINBURG — Meredith Gaspar's week didn't start off as planned.

Infrared light therapy making strides in Valley muscle pain treatment

EDINBURG — Ever wanted to feel like Superman? Well, according to a professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, there is a light therapy that improves the body's recovery process by harnessing the power of sunlight without harmful ultraviolet rays.