LETTERS: Biden blasted

Joe Biden needs to know that honest Americans will never accept a left-wing, power-grabbing, socialist-manipulated House Resolution 1 strives to end our two-party political system forever. True American conservatives will never, ever support corruptly manufactured votes and phantom mail-in ballots.

These abusive un-American voting tactics will destroy American democracy, by negating necessary forensic audits to prevent stolen elections that result in dictatorships and totalitarian out-of-control government that aims to destroy our fought-for, inherent constitutional rights.

Biden can’t ever undo his personally created, egregious damage, or the erosion of precious freedoms that he has stolen from Americans with his falsely disguised, Marxist-socialist, totalitarian, oppressive lockdowns, “foreigners first” open borders, mob rule personal power grab.

Imelda Coronado, Mission