LETTERS: Letters answered

In her letter to the editor on April 25, Imelda Coronado tells us she doesn’t believe President Biden is a “nice guy.” “Joe’s fake niceness,” she writes, “clearly reflects the nastiness that he thinks he can hide from smart Americans.” Huh? OK, fine, but nice guy or not, and like it or not, Biden made history by garnering more than 81 million votes, more than any other president in U.S. history and 7 million more than Trump.

Ms. Coronado also claimed that Biden is a liar. Well, he’s a politician and politicians do lie. Sometimes because they are dishonest and sometimes because we don’t want to hear the truth. Some politicians are better at doing this than others. Take Trump, for example. He’s the king of liars, and that’s no lie.

In her second letter on April 27, Imelda tells us that Biden’s solutions for COVID-19 are still Trump’s COVID-19 vaccines. She’s claiming, as Trump claims, that these vaccines exist only because of him. Ironically, and inexplicably, more than 40% of Republicans are still refusing to take the vaccine. I’m curious: Is Imelda among the 40%?

Italo J. Zarate