La Joya boy in first place as national mullet competition continues

Epic Orta

LA JOYA — Epic Orta is climbing the ranks of the USA Mullet Championships, and as of Thursday morning, he was leading the pack with his rambunctious hairstyle.

The La Joya native, who is the son of well-known Rio Grande Valley comedian Raymond Orta, is one of 25 finalists competing for $2,500 and the ultimate bragging rights as winner of the kids’ division.

The contest, which began in Michigan in 2020, has been featured across media outlets, including NPR and TMZ, which prominently featured Epic’s photo on its entertainment news site.

“Epic Orta lives up to his name,” his father, who sports his own mullet, said on social media following the new tallies released on Thursday. “I gave him that name because I knew he was destined for awesomeness. Love you son. You’re such a treasure to me.”

Epic had been in second place on Wednesday with 1,517 votes. He trailed behind Emmitt Bailey, who had 2,102 votes, by about 600 votes. But by Thursday morning, Epic was in first place with 3,665 votes. Bailey was in second with 3,489 votes.

“My son Epic is not only representing the Valley but TEXAS all together,” his father said on his Facebook page.

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