McAllen ISD recognized Fields Elementary for earning a statewide award for counseling programs with fanfare, cheerleaders and rounds of applause at a Jan. 21 ceremony in the school’s library.

The Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students in Texas award recognizes programs that demonstrate a commitment using the Texas Model to improve the lives and achievement of students in academic, career and personal social domains.

A McAllen ISD news release describes the award looking at five categories: introduction to the school and the role of the professional school counselor; program implementation cycle; foundational components; four service delivery components and program curriculum.

According to a social media post from Fields Elementary, the award is the first of its kind for a campus in the Rio Grande Valley.

“I’m very honored to receive the award for our district and for our school,” Jessica Guerrero, the school’s counselor last year, said. “Mostly because it’s exciting to tell our story. McAllen ISD does wonderful things for our students, and here at Victor Fields we’re working really hard to make sure that our students’ needs are met, and so that was the most exciting part about receiving this award, was being able to tell our story and showcase all the great things happening here.”

Foremost among the great things happening at the school, Guerrero said, are its students.

“It’s important for our school because our students are just amazing and they deserve also to be recognized and … it’s just exciting for them to see it as well, for them to see that we’re putting in a lot of work to make sure that they’re happy,” she said.