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Pastors’ group demands Valley schools remove ‘inappropriate’ books

HARLINGEN — A pastors’ group is standing behind a new state law and is requesting Rio Grande Valley school boards remove a list of books they describe as containing graphic sexuality from their library shelves.

McAllen ISD board member retires; vacancy to be filled by appointment

The McAllen school board is looking to fill a vacancy with Vice President Sam Saldivar, Jr. retiring from his position after 15 years.

UTRGV conducts archaeological dig at Bonham Elementary in McAllen

McALLEN — The archaeological dig at McAllen ISD's vacant Bonham Elementary campus, led by UTRGV Assistant Anthropology professor Edward Gonzalez-Tennant got underway Tuesday with an unlikely possibility to find anything, but offers a treasure chest of experience for his students.

UTRGV McAllen ISD Collegiate Academy nearing completion

McALLEN — The UTRGV McAllen ISD Collegiate Academy is approaching completion and although it’s nearly identical to the other university collegiate high schools, the district is taking a different approach than its counterparts on how it will operate.

HHSC reimbursement reduction could cost McAllen ISD $961,000

McALLEN — The school board held its fourth budget workshop Monday with an update on a budget reduction plan to deal with the district’s ongoing deficit that has been reduced to $10.3 million from the initial $14 million.

Buried stories: What could be uncovered at a dig at a former McAllen school?

Conducting an archaeological dig is like putting together a story from the past, and UTRGV Assistant Anthropology professor Edward Gonzalez-Tennant, who is spearheading a dig at Bonham Elementary, said anything dug up can give a glimpse of how people lived thousands of years ago.

McAllen city leaders alter IMAS funding after MISD pulls funds

McALLEN — The financial fallout has begun after a decision by McAllen school district leaders to pull funding from some high-dollar civic projects.

Pink Mamba mentality: McAllen all-girl robotics team advocates for women in STEM

The Pink Mambas, an all-girls robotics team from McAllen’s James Nikki Rowe High School, takes their mamba mentality and passion for STEM to encourage other girls to break stereotypes and follow their dreams no matter the obstacles.

McAllen ISD terminates IMAS contract, begins Quinta Mazatlan mediation

In efforts to curb the district’s $13.7 million budget deficit, McAllen ISD took action at Monday’s meeting by voting to terminate a $2 million contract with the International Museum of Arts & Science (IMAS) and begin to mediate with Quinta Mazatlan over a $4 million project.

McAllen ISD cuts black box theaters contract due to budget deficit

McALLEN — The McAllen school board voted to terminate the contract regarding black box theaters for its high schools and to not proceed with the project due to budget constraints at a meeting Monday night.