LETTERS: Trump support draws comment

On Memorial Day weekend I saw parades and marches and a gathering of people, and speeches given by our leaders to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I remembered my father, Manuel M. Moreno, who served during WWII.

As I walked with my friends, one of them brought this up: Donald Trump should give a speech, since he is our former president.

“I said to him, “You are a veteran, right? And you voted for Trump, right? And you and many other veterans approve of Trump.” To which he replied, “Hell, yeah.”

I told him, It is a shame. Why, he asked. I told him, “Let me remind you of remarks made by Trump.” He called our fallen heroes “suckers and losers.”

Yes, let me repeat: Donald Trump called your sons, your fathers, your brothers, your mother, your sister, your wife who gave their lives for their country, suckers and losers.

I told my friend, “What are your thoughts on those soldiers and sailors who gave their lives for our country?”

He said, “As a veteran, I will honor and respect them till the day I die.” And I replied, “As a veteran, how can you honor and respect those that gave their lives and still vote for a man who called them suckers and losers? How can you vote for this man and live with yourself?”

So, to all the veterans out there who voted for Trump, next time you go to the polls to vote, please honor those who died for our country. You know what you have to do. Show that you truly are an American who does understand the sacrifice these men and women did for your freedom. Enough said.

Abel R. Moreno




Gov. Greg Abbott has folded to pressure from Tucker Carlson, who is now banished from Fox News due to his repeated lies, and asked the Texas parole board to recommend for pardon the murderer Daniel Perry, who killed Black Lives Matter protester Garret Foster in July 2020 in Austin. Perry, a convicted racist, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The point is that this governor jumps the gun again to conclude wrongly, just as he’s done a dozen times before. The most notable was in 2021 when Texas went into the big freeze and many Texans died as a result of Abbot’s failure to secure the power grid. President Biden called Abbott a Neanderthal after Abbott immediately put the blame on green energy and the wind turbines, which turned out to be completely false as it was proved by the weather service. The blame was completely wrong but Abbott was deflecting blame from his rich buddies of the grid who are controlled by the oil and gas industry.

But Biden was correct in every word. Abbott’s inaction on the grid is still there.

And his jumping the gun to defend a convicted murderer because Carlson told him to do so speaks volumes; not only is he a coward and corrupt politician, but there’s nothing between his ears.

Oscar Garza



is historic

The indictment of former President Donald Trump in a Florida federal court with 37 alleged charges is historic!

We’re living at a time where there is no shame!

Remember “It’s the economy, stupid!” Now, and so appropriately, “It’s the obstruction of justice, Mr. Trump!”

This is a very sad time for all Americans and for our country.

Mary Martinez


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