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This is a reply to Sherwood Uhrmacher’s letter posted March 11.

1. To his claim that 14 million jobs were created: While it is true that there was job growth during Donald Trump’s presidency, it is important to note that the job creation figures are not solely attributed to him. The economy is influenced by various factors including policies implemented by previous administrations, global economic conditions and natural economic cycles. It is also important to consider the job losses that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted the overall job numbers.

2. The claim that more Americans are employed in history: This claim is not accurate. The employment rate is influenced by various factors including population growth, labor force participation rates and economic conditions. While there may have been periods of high employment during Trump’s presidency, it is essential to consider historical context and long-term trends in employment. Overall, it is important to critically evaluate claims like these and consider a range of factors that contribute to job growth and employment rates.

A hiring sign is displayed at a post office in Wheeling, Ill., Monday, Jan. 22, 2024. (Nam Y. Huh/AP Photo)

3. Unemployment claims are at a 49-year low: It is true that unemployment claims reached a 49-year low during Trump’s presidency. However, it is essential to consider the broader economic trends and the impact of various factors, including policies implemented by previous administrations and the overall economic conditions during that time.

4. Household income is at the highest level: While it is true that household income reached a record high during Trump’s presidency, it is important to note that the increase in household income can be influenced by multiple factors, including economic growth, inflation and changes in the labor market.

5. A reduction in food stamp recipients: The claim that 3.1 million Americans were lifted off food stamps under Trump’s administration is accurate. However, it is important to consider the reasons behind the decrease in food stamp recipients, which could be influenced by changes in eligibility requirements, economic conditions and other policy changes.

6. The U.S. achieved energy independence: This claim is not entirely accurate either. While the U.S. made progress toward energy independence during that time, the country still relied on some imports for energy sources.

7. Trump made healthcare reforms and lowered drug prices: While Trump implemented some healthcare reforms and initiatives to lower drug prices, the impact of these policies on Medicare and drug prices may vary. It is essential to consider the complexities of the healthcare system and the long-term effects of these reforms.

Former President Donald Trump takes the stage at the South Texas International Airport Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023, in Edinburg. (Delcia Lopez | [email protected])

8. Trump secured military funding, the Iran deal and trade deals: Trump did secure military funding, withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and renegotiated trade deals with Mexico and Canada. The impact and consequences of these actions can vary based on different perspectives and analyses.

Overall, it is important to critically evaluate each claim, consider the broader context, and assess the long-term effects of policies and actions taken during Trump’s administration.

Mr. Uhrmacher may be enamored with Donald Trump, but I do not share his sentiment regarding the individual. Uhrmacher says, “He is loud, boisterous and unapologetic for his demeanor, yet he gets things done!” There are many of us who believe that the leaders of this country, to include all elected officials, should present themselves in a professional manner worthy of the respect that position demands.

Whether you want to believe or accept that he has been indicted on numerous charges and already convicted and ordered to pay a financial penalty in the case involving E. Jean Carroll, not to mention other felonious misconduct still pending, you’re correct, Mr. Uhrmacher, when you say, “Vote, vote, vote! But please vote wisely!”

I trust the American voter will vote wisely. And that wise vote would be cast for anyone other than Trump!

Ricardo A. Pérez lives in Roma.