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Commentary: Stakes are high for upcoming Global Plastics Treaty negotiations

This year Earth Day (April 22) marks the start of the fourth round of negotiations for a Global Plastics Treaty. Without much public fanfare, delegates from 175 countries together with hundreds of observers representing industry, academia, health organizations and environmental groups will gather in Ottawa to chart the course for the future of plastics and plastic pollution.

Commentary: AI for better buildings

In the next 30 years, sea levels will rise as much as they have in the last century, threatening urban areas all over the world.

Commentary: LNG pause stifles Texas’ ability to deliver energy freedom, Security

The Biden administration’s recent decision to pause the permitting approval process for U.S. liquefied natural gas exports is a major mistake based on inaccurate information that puts American jobs and allies at risk and undermines the global progress made possible through increased use of American natural gas.

Commentary: It’s election time in Mexico, and much uncertainty looms

I know that many of you have been enjoying spring break, the Easter holiday or March Madness. Others simply are relieved to see that the U.S. government may have averted shutdown.

Commentary: Changes at Valley post office

To save the Postal Service, or not save it. That’s the crisis — and the question — the Postal Service faced that led to the creation of its 10-year Delivering for America plan in March of 2021. In the three years since, our organization has been working to recover from operational and financial catastrophe.

Commentary: Inflation: The ultimate thief

Back before the Great Depression (1929-1941) when we were on the gold standard, almost everyone believed that stable money values were one of the most important and proper functions of the monetary policy of any government. A smooth-talking economist with a long university pedigree by the name of John Maynard Keynes (some said he was the most renowned economist of our times) preached and wrote extensively in favor of planned inflation to stimulate continual growth of the economy by a “central bank” system. It was through his influence that our Federal Reserve system was created, and Richard Nixon got us off the gold standard.

Commentary: Taking a step forward for women’s reproductive rights

In recent years, there has been a monumental shift in access to reproductive health care, marked by the availability of the first over-the-counter birth control at pharmacies, convenient stores and grocery stores — Opill. This significant milestone has empowered individuals to take control of their reproductive health like never before. However, as we celebrate this progress, it’s crucial to recognize that there’s still much work to be done, particularly concerning the accessibility of abortion pills.

Commentary: Response offered to recent commentary supporting Trump

This is in response to letter by Mr. Gorena on March 2.

Commentary: Religious authoritarianism is a form of political extremism

Americans have been slow to wake up to the fact that religious extremism is a form of political extremism. Religious authoritarianism substitutes the decision-making of a private religious clique for the decision-making of the people’s public representatives in a democracy.

Commentary: Remembering César Chávez’s legacy in Texas on his birthday

As a veteran civil rights attorney, I have often been struck about how quickly a leader’s legacy disappears from one generation to the next. Perhaps this is because, as a society, we do not do a good job of creating a narrative about important leaders to pass on to our children and those who come after them. All that remains, at best, is their name — not the history of their struggle or the depth of their impact on society.