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So much hate and squabbling over immigration reform and abortion has transpired for centuries. The straight-from-the-hip reality is that as flawed human beings, which we all are, we have been kicking the can for centuries refusing to resolve anything, because there has been too much profit for the sanctimonious who scream the loudest and gain the most.

Take for instance all the costly wars that as a country we have financed, all the foreign aid we have given to all those adversaries while they become angrier, obnoxiously ungrateful, more demanding and even revolutionary — even to the extent of having the gall of planting their communist countries’ flags in our own land tauntingly, before our faces.

Talk about their displaced anger and expansion of their cultural tradition of squatting and taking over what’s not theirs. Is this the enlightenment and “being well-informed“ the leftist globalists brag about? To the civilized world this is called anarchy, pure and simple.

Imagine the trillions of dollars of our country’s debt that could have gone for world peace, not war against our own citizens. Imagine the millions of Americans who never qualified for any benefit, to appease our adversaries who laugh in our faces for skewing the system for their own unshared benefits and advancement.

Imagine if those resources had been used to find cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, ALS, epilepsy, prevention of strokes, heart disease, autism, college-educate our own children instead of outsiders and treat our veterans in the same heroic ways they’ve fought for our democracy and freedom, as well as having real compassion for our own homeless, elderly, disabled and the guardians of our health, public safety, justice and education — the medical community, our law enforcement, our legal defenders and countless dedicated teachers.

What a beautiful, peaceful world we are giving up to pander to these power-driven insatiable fuehrers who can dismantle the greatest country in the history of the world in less than three years.

It is our duty to save our future generations by standing up to give them a secure future devoid of destructive indoctrination, endless tax debt, an education of godly and family values, of protecting innocents from moral destruction, a respect for life at every stage, and doing good for people without hunger for autocratic power or ill-acquired wealth at the cruel price of selling out human lives and freedom.

Everything good is possible to help each other, without decimating the least-paid workers with higher taxes and mandating them to pay somebody else’s college loans when they couldn’t even access college.

We all don’t mind pitching in when help is needed, but not when we know we’re all not pulling together, but against each other.

It’s not nice to acquire wealth at somebody else’s expense; it’s the lowest form of treason against our fellow men and women. It is only honorable when acquired with our own efforts and sacrifice.

Imelda Coronado lives in Mission.