LETTERS: Harris and the border

So, let me get this straight. Kamala Harris went to South America to speak to the presidents of the Northern Triangle – San Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, etc. because she wanted to know the root causes of why many of the residents of these countries are making the journey to America before addressing the border issue.

The answer was simple: the Biden Administration is to blame. They advertised that they would rescind the Trump policies. That’s when the coyotes began recruiting people. The answer was simple and to the point.

Then, she announced to the citizens of these countries to stop coming to America. As if they cared about what she thinks. Crossing of the border by people that have no respect for America’s sovereignty remains unabated.

She promised these countries more monetary assistance. That appears to be their answer to many of the problems impacting America.

Instead of stopping the flow of illegal aliens and examining the root of their countries’ problems, she ought to focus on America Chicago, Baltimore, and L.A. – where it is more dangerous to live than in Honduras or Afghanistan.

But then, that’s expecting too much from a woman that said if people smoke refers on an interview, everyone would be much happier and laugh.

Frank Garcia, Harlingen