LETTERS: AWL Texas Democrats

In the military if one goes “over the hill,” or leaves his post for a few days, he is designated as “Absent Without Leave,” or AWL. In a combat theatre that person might be declared a deserter.

While the penalty for AWL may not be too severe, depending on the situation, desertion could certainly lead to a court martial and real time in the “wire city” until the dishonorable discharge with loss of all benefits.

When upwards of 58 of the people’s representative forsake their duty to the people and leave the floor of the legislature while even going to Washington, D.C., to lobby for a controversial act under consideration there, it seems to me that is not only AWL but desertion.

Gov. Greg Abbot plans to arrest them as each of them returns to the state and deposit them back to Austin to attend to their duties.

He is not going to put them up on charges or seek jail time, although that might seem appropriate.

He just wants them on the job doing what their voters elected them to do.

It is interesting that they managed to hire private jets to take them to and from D.C.

They must have been fearful of going to the airport to secure regular flights. And private jets aren’t cheap. Who paid for them?

This episode in the life of a Democratic legislator in Texas ought to be sufficient to destroy any standing they might have with those who voted for them. I say, “Throw the bums out and try the Republican approach for once!” You can and must do it at the next election if we are going to have integrity and responsibility in our Texas legislative actions.

Duane A. Rasmussen, Laguna Vista