LETTERS: Charge Democrat for publication

The Herald should charge Joe Villarreal of Edinburg for his Democratic political advertisement (Your Voices, May 7), touting Biden’s first 100 days in office that he ends by urging the readership to “vote Democrat.”

He goes on to tell us that Biden has not played a round of golf; c’mon, man, the guy can barely climb the stairs of Air Force One.

Villarreal also goes on with a litany of other things he found offensive of President Trump, such as “no insults, no racist rhetoric, no whining, no complaining, no bragging, no hate speeches (and) no crazy tweets.”

Mr. Villarreal, you are obviously a true-blue Democrat, and I am OK with that and the contents of your letter are your opinions. Again, you are entitled to that; after all, this is the opinion page, but I do have a few questions for you about Biden’s first 100 days.

Why was the southern border overrun with illegal aliens after Biden took office?

Why have Biden and Harris been no-shows to the southwest border to address the surge of aliens?

Why did Biden cancel the Canadian Pipeline, yet support the Russian Pipeline by waiving sanctions imposed by President Trump?

Why has the price of lumber increased 250% since Biden took office, costing homebuilders thousands of dollars in cost overruns?

Why has Biden failed to heal, unite and eliminate divisiveness in the nation and Congress as he pledged during his campaign for office?

Why does Joe Biden, a practicing Catholic, support abortion?

My questions are fact and not opinion driven. I just thought I would let Mr. Villarreal see the other side of the coin by asking the above set of queries submitted for his and the readership’s consideration.

Jake Longoria, Mission