LETTERS: COVID-19 vaccine

There has to be a better way.

I’m adding my voice to the communal screech of frustration. Does anyone understand just how difficult it is for members of the public to get even their first dose of COVID19 vaccine, much less their second?

My husband waited in line for 5-1/2 hours, start to finish, for the recent distribution at Casa del Sol. Five and one half hours. Thankfully most of that time was in his vehicle. Thankfully he had a full tank of gas.

Thankfully I could take him a breakfast sandwich. And very thankfully he did finally get a jab.

Our neighbor a few doors down, a very sweet lady in her 80s who takes care of her elderly husband, lined up for a subsequent first-come firstserved vaccine clinic. She finally gave up and went home. No vaccine, no help, no hope.

Now we wonder, will my husband be able to get the second dose? Don’t know. Will he have to wait in line that long again? Don’t know. Will they reserve a dose for him, since he was in the 700s out of 2,000? (The original lot advertised had 1,000 doses, but then employees announced a second lot of 1,000 had become available.). Don’t know. What if he doesn’t line up early enough? Will someone else get his dose? Don’t know Will they have 2,000 second doses, or just 1,000? Don’t know don’t know don’t know.

I will go on record here and now that the Cameron County Health Department staff were on top of things. They were kind, professional, and as efficient as the system would allow. But, folks, the system is failing us.

I say again, there has to be a better way.

Mary Leah Hodge, Harlingen

Promise kept. (MAGA) Make America Great Again.

Trump is no longer president.

The senate is controlled by the Democrats.

The congress is controlled by the Democrats.

A woman has been elected to the vice-presidency.

Civility has return to the country.

The criminals and racist have been exposed.

I can go on and on.

Congratulations Ex-President Donald J. Trump. You did what you promised.

Maybe Trump was a spy for the Democrats?

He (Made America Great Again) made through stupidity.

Has anyone learned anything?

Santiago Perez, San Benito

Trump speech

To the Editor:

The Democrats are saying that Trump lied in his Jan. 6 speech, yet they do not and cannot name one specific thing he said which is untrue.

What he did specifically say is that his followers should be peaceful. It is Orwellian to say that calling for peace is inciting violence.

The FBI was fully aware that there were people before Trump’s speech who were planning on coming to Washington to cause trouble.

They informed the Democrat leaders but not the Republicans, and they did absolutely nothing to prepare for it.

This is the real crime that should be investigated.

Robert Welz, Weslaco