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Republicans spur comment

Tired of making sense of the news? At least on a rational plane of thought? Paul Pelosi’s attempted kidnapper and/or murderer weeps in court because he was radicalized, and beat an 83-year-old man almost to death in his own home. He was radicalized by listening non-stop for who knows how long to the putrid lies on “social” media. I pity him, but he is supposed to be able to distinguish fact from fiction just like everyone else. It was sad to hear of his sobbing testimony, but he is responsible for his addiction to conspiracy theories just as all citizens are, but most of all for choosing to act on them. Sad, too, to hear Pelosi’s account that ended up with him coming to, lying in a pool of blood around his head. How did Donald Trump and his Republicans respond? They laughed and made jokes about it.

In a Senate hearing we had a standoff at the OK Corral and nearly a fight. If one or the other had had a gun, someone might have died. Another senator condoned the actions of the senator who challenged a witness to a draw, so to speak, because the witness accepted the challenge.

The GOP candidate for U.S. president is at it again. This time he referred to anyone he sees as an opponent, and that means anyone who hasn’t professed loyalty to him, as vermin. So he dehumanized more than half the people in the U.S. and other countries. Anyone in any country who would not kiss the ring. Immigrants and asylum seekers, Mr. T said, are “poisoning the blood” of our beautiful country. Who is left to love?

No one escapes Mr. T’s ire and bloodthirsty adjectives — not judges, law clerks, poll workers, prosecutors, witnesses, especially witnesses who tell the truth, and the families of all of them —none are spared. When he suggests people as vermin, or certain groups of people as “poisoning the blood” of the country, what would he do with or to such people if elected? He is telling us. Plans for his 2024 election and presidency cook away by his closest supporters and more than likely dark money. He has said he plans detention centers for the “vermin.” Then what? They would be like “camps.” He would pretty much do away with government as we know it. All would answer to him exclusively.

But take heart. Joe Biden’s meeting with the Chinese head of state holds a promise of more pandas to the U.S., and George Santos is about to be kicked out of the House after a bipartisan ethics committee report that sizzled on the paper. Republicans sheltered Santos for nine months, but it now looks as if they may vote Santos out. So far, the speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, protects Santos.

Shirley Rickett


Saenz backed

Our current district attorney was sworn into office Jan. 1, 2013. Since then he has strived to make our community a safe harbor for its citizens. He has kept a tight grip on crime despite our country’s growing crime increase.

As citizens preparing to vote once again ,we need to think about what is good for our community. While I served in Vietnam I was with an engineering battalion. At the entrance to our compound was a large sign that had the following printed: “If we can’t fix it, it ain’t broken.” I believe the same applies to our DA’s office. Luis V. Saenz is doing a great job. Let’s keep him. Vote Luis V. Saenz.

Fred Rendon Jr.


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