LETTERS: Lost minds perceived

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People have completely lost their minds. It’s hard to figure out the cause. Just maybe it’s the climate change that is the cause of all these killings, judicial system losing its equilibrium and all others making inexplicable decisions.

The mass amount of killings is out of control. People blame gun control, but that’s not it. Guns have been around for a long time and it wasn’t as crazy as it is now.

Our judicial system is depicted as a blindfolded image holding a scale representing equal justice.

What has happened to equal justice? One only needs to look at our present government.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Mike Pence all committed the same offense of possession of highly classified documents, but only one gets criminal charges. Hunter Biden and his mess with China, Ukraine, laptop, unpaid taxes and illegitimate child support gets a misdemeanor charge and probation!

The craziness is all around us. I don’t live in San Benito, but I just read San Benito bought out the city manager’s contract. Why? Because he was doing a good job and getting high marks on his job evaluation?

Cameron County is one of the poorest regions in the state and nation. Our governor proposes significant property tax relief to Texas homesteaders and as a counter, the Cameron County Appraisal District submitted a tax increase ranging from 50% to 100%. Their proposal is final. They answer to no one.

Abbott’s proposal needs to pass through the Senate and House for approval. Till now it’s still hasn’t been approved. That’s why we are they way we are.

Rubén García


Selective prosecution

You know that old saying, “He couldn’t see the forest for the trees?” Most Americans are like that. For example, we overlook the fact that more than 1 million people have died in the United States from COVID. We are a complacent sort; we overlook that those deaths are greater than American casualties of World War I, II and every other conflict to date.

We miss the big picture and life goes on, with no one held accountable for these unnecessary deaths, whether they were from a lab, from an experiment gone wrong or part of a clandestine plot to destabilize the world and American economy for financial and political gain. American intelligence agencies keep delaying release of reports on this, as if we have no right to know.

The media are also feeding American propaganda, telling us that the Jan. 6, 2001, riot was an attempt to overthrow the government and those responsible have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law, given hefty jail sentences and those awaiting are held without bail.

Meanwhile, you have Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two high-ranking FBI personnel meeting with the top echelon at FBI headquarters in 2016 before the election plotting the insurance policy should Donald Trump get elected, the Clinton- Steele dossier, Adam Schiff claiming to have proof, “never produced,” that Trump was a Russian plant, and the list goes on, yet none of these who plotted the true overthrow of an American election get any sort of criminal investigation resulting in penalties, censure or jail time for what amounts to a plot to deny the election of a presidential candidate.

Is there a double standard for federal prosecution? Just ask Wesley Snipes, who got prison time for what Hunter Biden did, evading taxes. You bet there is!

Jake Longoria


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