Letters: Seven flags over Texas

More over San Antonio, you’re wrong. There were more than six flags over Texas. And you certainly are not Texas’ most historic place.

Amerigo Vespucci landed near South Padre Island in 1497, two centuries before San Antonio was discovered. Move over, Boston; your English Pilgrims didn’t land at Plymouth Rock until 1620.

The Americas were “first discovered and documented” by the Italian Renaissance man and brilliant astronomer and mathematician Amerigo Vespucci, the man who gave our continent his name. This Renaissance man, who was one of the first to accurately calculate the circumference of the earth, also left us the world’s first accurate maps of our American continent. Kept a secret until discovered in 1901, the Waldseemuller map of 1507, is what gave America its name. Indeed, many call this map America’s birth certificate.

This man, whom all the Americas were named after, was born, raised and educated in that famous Renaissance City, Florence, Italy. Financed secretly by those famous Vatican bankers, the Medici family, he was also the first to discover that America was a continent, regardless of what we have been taught about Columbus. The little Caribbean islands where Columbus landed are not the mainland, which the brave sea captain Columbus insisted were part of India, calling them the West Indies. A brave soldier, he was no astronomer, and wasn’t sure where he was.

Just because Vespucci, the Vatican bankers and the Vatican liked keeping secrets, and deliberately misled everyone, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

For more insight on this topic consult the Cartografia Historica de Tamaulipas, available at the UTRGV library.

Our tourist economy has suffered the economic consequences of allowing this historical error to exist nearly unchallenged, an error perpetuated by historians and first popularized by the slandering Spanish friar named Las Casas. This cleric had no problem mixing witchcraft into his religion, to keep his Indians’ attention.

There were not only six flags over Texas, but seven, if one includes the Vatican flag. Vespucci was not only the first European to “discover” and document Texas, but also the first to “discover and document” Mexico, and the Huastec Indian culture of Tamaulipas.

Distracting tourists to focus on historical spots like San Antonio and Protestant Plymouth Rock has robbedus of our rightful place in world history.

Both should join forces and offer scholarships to their history students to investigate, and challenge this tragic historical mistake. The truth will mean a goldmine for the tourism industry for both Tamaulipas and CameronCounty.

Joseph Linck Jr.




President Joe Biden is very likely to win the 2024 election, but he cannot take it for granted and end up like Hillary Clinton. To get a sure win he must replace Kamala Harris and get a stronger running mate.

Voters seem to think Biden may not be able to complete another term and do not want Kamala as president. Kamala has not performed as we all expected and does not come across as a serious president. She has had the opportunity to show her ability but instead she just giggles. I’m sure she is a nice lady but I would want not her as president .

Arnoldo Gonzalez


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