Anti-Democrat comments generate response

On April 10, Imelda Coronado again makes a rant of blame and shame, demonizing Democrats. But she seems to forget a few things along the way.

The groups of people she complains about, the faceless, nameless ones she perceives as lazy, “unlawful crossers,” are humans.

Has she ever spoken with an immigrant? Often they are families with small children, some of them even professional people.

While I agree that immigration is a problem that never seems to go away, there is no “away.”

Both Democratic and Republican administrations have failed to seriously approach real immigration reform for many years. One problem, identified several years ago — a shortage of immigration judges to process people in an orderly, timely way — has never seemed to surface since it was first pointed out. I don’t know the status of judges at the border, yet I haven’t noticed a reference to it in the media, for good or bad.

What appears to bother Ms. Coronado most is a seeming mass of lazy people on the government “dole,” a trope that has belonged to hordes of Republicans as long as I can remember, perhaps even since FDR and the New Deal. That’s a long time to keep harping on one belief.

As for putting what some call these people first, does she have figures and data on this that could be verified?

Is it un-American, is it un-Christian, to provide help to the poor, the needy? Are they all lazy, dependent, just waiting for the check, the handout, the food bank to restock? I don’t think so. What are the real numbers and most of all, the reasons?

Some abuse will always happen. I can’t believe the problem is as bad as some would claim.

Then there is the “sabotage” (by Democrats) “of fair election, to never lose.” Please. The king of “never lose” is her guy. More than 60 courts have said he had no case, yet the Big Lie is still alive with much of his base.

I don’t understand why more people don’t join the raft of former Republicans who have left a party they can no longer call theirs.

Ms. Coronado, does it not bother you that men in suits in high places are telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies?

Religious beliefs should never be imposed on those who do not share those beliefs.

I wonder why Republicans have not attacked vasectomies, or told men they can no longer have their little blue pills.

Our governor not only pushes total control over women’s health and lives, he is now a pharmacologist or doctor who dispenses anti-drugs for people who are on fentanyl.

A Trump-appointed Amarillo judge literally called a nationwide ban on a drug the FDA approved 23 years ago, and called it safe as Tylenol or penicillin. Due to that action any drug approved by the FDA could undergo the same process.

Are you worried about the Supreme Court, bought and sold to the American people, the latest proof Clarence Thomas and a 20-year association with a Republican influencer and mega-donor? And there is Thomas’ busy wife who could well be complicit with the Jan. 6 effort.

Do you read the local paper? Of course, Fox News has finally been proclaimed a non-news entity, so surely you wouldn’t go there. Currently, a revelation made clear that they do not buy what they deliver to viewers, but that they will continue to deliver lies because “that is what Fox viewers want to believe.”

I won’t go into the Donald, twice impeached, in line for how many criminal lawsuits? I’ve lost count. How did those purloined documents get into his desk drawer?

I could not agree more on the need for “accountability, respectability, intelligence, character, leadership, honor,” etc. That should be the standard for elected officials.

I cannot agree with your comparison of the Jan. 6 attempted coup with the so-called riots in the summer of 2020. The mere scope of Jan. 6 hardly compares with any attack on democracy in modern history.

We have all been through so much. Thank you for the chance to debate in print.

Shirley Rickett lives in Alamo.