Letters: Trump feared

A popular sentiment among some Democrats is that Donald Trump is no longer a viable candidate for the 2024 presidential election. Well, recent nationwide polls prove otherwise. Trump is indeed the Republican frontrunner!

The truth is, whether they say it outright or not, the Democrats are incredibly terrified of Trump running again for president. Why else would they attempt all sorts of cheap political stunts to try to get Trump disqualified for the next election?

Just look at some of what they’ve done and are still trying to do to Trump: two failed impeachments, countless investigations, 25th Amendment threats, efforts to get tax records released, and the latest, the Jan. 6 congressional hearings and the FBI raid on his home Mar-a-Lago. Obviously, all in efforts to get Trump barred from holding office in the future.

The Democrats fought for years to get Trump’s tax records released. They were — nothing came of it, and nothing will.

The Democrats were so proud of their Jan. 6 investigations that they tried to block Republican access to the investigative records.

It seems that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are not interested in a genuine examination of the events on Jan. 6. What are they hiding?

Lately, the reality is that the Biden administration is falling apart. The border is in chaos. The economy is in shambles. Inflation is unchecked. Untold billions more to Ukraine.

You Democrat supporters, when do you finally say, “Enough with this guy!”?

Laughably, even CNN is turning against Biden. A CNN poll showed that 75% of Democrats want a candidate other than Biden for the next election. CNN is even questioning his declining mental state, Chinese ties, and handling of “classified” documents. Yeah, Democrats are panicked. Yeah, Trump is still our guy.

Joel Ramirez




Hilary Clinton said it correctly in 2016 , “basket of deplorables,” referring to Donald Trump’s followers. We still hear of them daily on the news or in the local newspapers.

We all recall the FBI director’s fiasco statement regarding the emails. Trump wasn’t going to win except for that director’s help. That turned out to be very minimal compared to what the Donald did in Jan. 6, 2021, to this country. That day Donald betrayed America as no other president had.

It was easy to see the signs of a wannabe dictator simply from the numerous adjectives he said on the campaign trail, such as “the big, beautiful wall,” the “wonderful” Nazi sympathizers demonstrating for Trump, telling the Proud Boys to “stand down and stand by,” etc.

If President Joe Biden had not committed himself to restore the soul of America, one can only guess what would have happened in Trump’s second term. Could he have dissolved the Congress to install himself as the western Vladimir Putin? Push the red button to world oblivion?

Think about that when and if he were to win as president. Hard to accept? Look at what happened to Germany with the ultimate manipulator. Wow!

Oscar Garza