Letters: Voting addressed

I really don’t understand why our Raza voted for a white guy for Texas governor. Is it simply because of his supposedly Mexican American nickname of “Beto”? Why isn’t he called Otis or Nathaniel or Franklin or just John? This vato knows that our Raza composes 40% of the Texas population so he wants our votes.

Yes, he ran as a Democrat, but ask him about Black Lives Matter, education and defunding the police but most importantly about the open borders, because I have a feeling he idolizes the border czar, La Kamala “Giggles” Harris.

Again I say, vote for the person and not the political party.

I’m an independent voter who was a Democrat until Clinton won, so now I listen to the issues and how a candidate responds to what he or she is asked.

My ideal choices for good Mexican American candidates would be strong-willed mujeres who will take no guff from Vladimir Putin or “Creepy Joe” Biden. I know Chicana ladies will know when certain U.S. congressmen or a certain congresswoman will not be called because they are deceased!

Ricardo Rosales Sr.



for writer

I was reading Jake Longoria’s letter on how bad the country is under the Democrat with high gas prices, historic inflation and open borders (Oct. 7).

If we have an open border like he claims, then why does the Border Patrol report record numbers of apprehensions in the past two years? Wouldn’t the illegals be free to come and go as they please without the fear of anyone detaining them? Also, what does high gas price have to do with Democrats? Do Democrats set the price of oil or oil production on the OPEC members?

This is the problem with the GOP. Gullible Republicans believe everything they are being told.

Is there a problem with going green? No. Next time, Mr. Longoria, ask your local supermarket, supercenter or any warehouse if you can take a look at the forklift, power pallet jack or the floor buffer to see what they run on. You will be surprised that a lot of them are battery operated because it’s cheaper and emits fewer fumes.

I would like to ask Mr. Longoria something: How many Democrats have been charged for seditious conspiracy for trying to overthrow to stop the peaceful transfer of power on Jan. 6, 2021?

Jesus Rodriguez


Prices of gas

spur comment

In his letter of Oct. 9, Jesus Rodriguez states that gas prices are “going down without them doing anything.” In the same issue, The Monitor’s front-page reads “Gas prices on rise across the Valley.”

According to the article, the price increase is due to OPEC’s announcement that it would be cutting oil production by about 2 million barrels per day. It has been reported that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirmed that Biden attempted to coerce them to postpone oil cuts until after the midterms elections, apparently to help Democrats at the ballot box. They rejected his requests.

Biden had declared war on domestic oil and gas production during his presidential campaign. So, sorry Jesus, these gas prices are no surprise to us.

The Interior Department announced it would raise royalty rates for federal onshore leases and cut the acreage available by 80%. In May, it canceled offshore lease sales. Yeah, some war. Biden came under heavy criticism for appearing to praise the painfully high gas prices that are hurting American families, calling it part of an “incredible transition” away from fossil fuels.

Biden is draining the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help increase supply. It’s also been reported that the Biden administration sold roughly 1 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to a Chinese state-controlled gas giant. Someone noted that Californians watching their lights go off while oil tankers leave their ports full of oil destined for other countries might just be the best example of communism in the history of communism.

American consumers can expect gasoline, heating oil and diesel fuel to spike soon after the mid-term elections.

Joel Ramirez




Mr. Peter Stern’s letter of Oct. 17 is spot on. Mr. Stern speaks courageously and truthfully against the evil forces pushing to destroy our free country’s culture of goodness and faith. This is being done through lies, hate and media-condoned misinformation by unelected participants.

Every peaceful, freedom-loving American should join Mr. Stern in standing up for our Constitution’s message of unification, freedom, truth and justice for all.

Every conscientious voice like his can benefit from other informed voices like Tulsi Gabbard’s on The Tulsi Gabbard Show (found on search engines).

Their experience and living courageous voices fought and served our country honorably to preserve America’s freedom and justice for all. Their valor and service to our country is testament to why we have to be of courage in standing up against the self-inflicted domestic assault happening to our country now. It is a matter of standing up against elitist corporate globalists and oligarchs. It is a matter of saving America, which was duly created “of the people, by the people and for the people” — not for a communism takeover.

Imelda Coronado


Valley isn’t


On the 16th of this month The Monitor reported that both the FBI and McAllen’s chief of police were complimenting themselves about the decrease in crime in the Valley. Here’s some of what was headlined in The Monitor that week.

Seven arrested for smuggling; man arrested for smuggling guns; lawyer sentenced in cocaine case; CBP finds 44 pounds of fentanyl; Edinburg sister shoots brother; Mission man charged with three counts murder; San Juan man indicted for crash.

If that’s a decrease, let’s hope it stops and both agencies remember that drug smuggling and its results are crimes.

Ned Sheats


Robstown rally

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The implication is false of Donald Trump coming to Robstown to influence the Hispanic vote in the Valley and for Republican Mayra Flores. She highlights QAnon (who believe Democrats are Satanist, cannibalistic pedophiles), and posed with an AR-15 before the Uvalde killings. She denies democracy, not accepting Joe Biden’s election.

Trump would have gone to the Valley. The rally was not in Corpus Christi either, where venues hold more people. Nor was it in Hispanic San Antonio.

It was in Robstown because the national Raza Unida 50th reunion was in San Antonio on Mexican Independence Day in September, for one. Then on Oct. 2, Ramsey Muñiz of RUP died. His funeral was Oct. 15.

Ramsey ran for governor in 1972 (with more than 200,000 votes, early tipping the election to the Republican candidate from the Uvalde Democrat, Dolph Briscoe) and in 1974. Ramsey was from Corpus and prominent in Robstown (the second CrystalCity), leading pickets there, and had a bullet-riddled attorney office there.

The long arm of RUP reaches Trump. He struggles against any Hispanic counter-influence.

Jose Martinez




I read Ned Sheats’ letter of Oct. 30 27. He wants to get rid of the Electoral College, which I actually agree with. But all throughout his attack on “liberals,” he misses something.

I don’t know if he’s too young to remember, but had it not been for the Electoral College, there would have been no President George W. Bush, or President Trump, both of whom lost the popular vote.

By a lot.

Maybe this youngster needs to do better research.

Mike Martinez