Letters: Comments addressed

In a political radio ad, a female candidate boasts, “Vote for me because unlike President Biden, I care about America.” Now why would a wannabe politician say this about President Biden? Is she assuming Americans are looking for “liars” to vote for? Does she believe Americans are dimwitted?

And then we have the writer who wonders why the Biden administration is turning a blind eye to what he considers a “border crisis.” “Attention Dems,” he writes, “the American people are smarter than you think.” Well, at least this guy believes Americans are smart. They sure proved it when they dumped Donald Trump, right?

Then we have Sen. Ron Johnson on Fox News parroting Trump’s claim that Rep. Adam Schiff was somehow responsible for weakening Ukraine. Why would a supposedly smart senator from Wisconsin repeat such nonsense? Was it to compete with Sen. Ted Cruz for the honor of being Trump’s No. 1 sycophant? Was it because he believes his constituents are so dumb, they will believe any ridiculous thing that comes out of his mouth? Or was it because Johnson really isn’t that smart? Whatever the reason, it’s disgusting.

You see, Trump and his Republican cohorts abhor Adam Schiff because he successfully led the impeachment proceedings against Trump. Mr. Schiff was only dutifully doing what the American people elected him to do, which was to prove that Trump committed an impeachable offense when he withheld military aid from Ukraine in exchange for political “favors.” Ironically, Trump agrees that Ukraine was weakened, but not because he withheld the aid. It was because Schiff led the investigation against him for withholding the aid! Yeah, I know. Bizarre, right?

Trump was impeached for the above misdeed and then again for inciting a dangerous insurrection. Both times he was acquitted by Sen. Johnson and his Republican cohorts. If you suspect that some sort of collusion occurred here, you’d probably be right.

Why would Trump and his Republican comrades want a weakened Ukraine? To facilitate its invasion by Vladimir Putin’s Russia? To make the invasion easier and less costly and less bloody? Wow! How benevolent! Is this what Putin and Trump talked about when they isolated themselves in a meeting without any journalists around? Considering the demeanors of these two power-hungry peacocks, would it really surprise anyone if in the future the above assumed assertion turns out to be true? Hoo-boy.

The majority of the American people stood up to Trump. Now it’s up to the world and to sensible Russians to stand up to Putin. Let’s make Earth a great place to live in, again!

Italo J. Zarate


Putin’s days

are numbered

Vladimir Putin, whom I will call the “Monster of Moscow,” has vowed to make his mark on the world. But it is he who is now marked. He will forever be known as a murdering terrorist, whose unprovoked campaign in the Ukraine will be his undoing, and it will he his own rank and file that will dispatch him.

The siege on the Ukraine ultimately will be resolved in Russia by the people of the Soviet Federation. He has

stretched his neck out so far that it is prime for chopping. His sphere of influence goes only so far and the oligarchs of Russia are not willing to sacrifice their wealth for the ambitions of the “monster.”

Putin’s days are numbered because he is a threat to their way of life.

Jake Longoria