Letters: No game plan for Ukraine


The Biden administration had nothing but sanctions on the table in defense of the Ukraine. Biden has no “A” game when it comes to foreign policy, going back to his days in Congress and as vice president in the Obama administration that gave Crimea to the Russians.

The Russians annexed Crimea in one of the United States’ international diplomatic “faux pas,” and again only offered sanctions that resulted in Crimea now being part of the Soviet Federation.

Vladimir Putin is a dastardly despot and I hop the Ukrainian military will be able to defend their homeland.

Many ask, why did he invade the Ukraine? Ukraine was the shining city on the hill, a prosperous capitalist democracy, and Putin had to try to take it down. Ukraine is the diametric opposite of the country Putin rules and decries the rampant corruption the Russians are famous for. The Ukrainians are fiercely independent and proud of their homeland, and Russians seeing the prosperity and capitalist success in the Ukraine was a thorn in the side of Putin, because they had it better than the average Russian.

So as I pen this letter, Ukrainians are fighting for their existence, and the world is looking on, and America with Biden at the helm is again on it’s heels reacting to the situation instead of being pro-active. We are sending military aid, but will it get there too late?

Biden offered to evacuate Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and he refused. He is a true hero and has emboldened young men to return to Ukraine to fight and defend the homeland.

In this David vs. Goliath battle, may David prevail and may God Bless Ukraine and its people.

Jake Longoria



by polling


Today, America conducts democracy by opinion polling. What do the people think about Ukraine? Let’s be guided by that.

But what if the people are not thinking straight? What if they are burdened by emotional distress, debilitating physical ailments, unhappy employment?

What if they did not pay attention in school, and did not get a college education? What if they did get a degree, but after college they have not cracked a serious book about public policy in years?

What if they blindly parrot what self-interested political party leaders beg them to believe?

What if the average citizen polled on a given day has never read an actual book of American history, or any other history?

How good is our bright, shiny, breaking-news poll then? It becomes a measure of our ignorance, not our wisdom. Democracy requires knowledge and participation, not polls.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah