7,315 ghost sightings have been recorded in Texas. Does that make it the spookiest state? 

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By Dalia Faheid | Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TNS)

In this March 6, 2013, file photo, Dan Phillips, a member of the San Antonio Living History Association, patrols the Alamo during a pre-dawn memorial ceremony to remember the 1836 Battle of the Alamo and those who fell on both sides, in San Antonio. (Eric Gay/AP File Photo)

Texas is the most haunted state in the U.S., with 7,315 ghost sightings recorded, based on paranormal data compiled by Treetopia.

“Between the spirits of the Alamo’s soldiers and the mysterious ‘Marfa Lights,’ it’s no surprise that Texas wins out as the spookiest state,” Treetopia said.

Marfa Lights, according to the Marfa website, are seemingly sourceless lights on the horizon southeast of Marfa, an area that is nearly uninhabited and very difficult to traverse. The mystery lights, first reported during the 19th century, are sometimes red, blue or white, and typically appear randomly throughout the night.

El Paso was named the most haunted city, with 192 ghost sightings. That comes as no surprise, as El Paso has the De Soto Hotel, which is “known to house spirits in the basement,” as well as the Concordia Cemetery, where “dozens of shadowy figures have been caught on camera rolls throughout the years.”

Texas also made another list of the top 10 most haunted states in America, ranking at number nine according to moveBuddha. The state’s spook score, based on the number of haunted places and cemeteries by population, was a 5.8. Its creep score, calculated using the number of unsolved murders and abandoned buildings, came in at 7.6. The third and final measure, the boo score, came in at 6.5 based on the number of ghost towns and ghost sightings. With those scores, Texas received a final score of 8.60.

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