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LETTERS: Vaccine refusal is not patriotic

Patriotism is defined by Webster’s dictionary as devoted love, support and defense of one’s country: national loyalty. A patriot is a person who loves,...

OPINION: Top grade: Valley schools achieve U.S. Blue Ribbon rank

Rio Grande Valley schools continue to exceed traditional perceptions and many expectations with noteworthy performance. The U.S. Department of Education last week announced its list of National...

COMMENTARY: A year after mom’s death, COVID-19 is spiking again

By Cecilia Vasquez-Vigil On July 30, I woke up on the first anniversary of my mom’s death, to the news that COVID-19 — which we...

OPINION: Your choice: Constitutional amendments let voters decide our future

Government of the people, by the people, for the people isn’t an ethereal ideal reserved for the highest halls of national governance; it’s the...

OPINION: Builder: Peña shepherded diocese amid change and growth

The Most Rev. Raymundo J. Peña, who died Friday at age 87, leaves behind a complex legacy that documents a tenure that was active...

EDITORIAL: Bearing minimum: Wage floor is a mixed bag: It helps some, hurts others

Sam’s Clubs recently announced that it is raising its minimum salary to $15 an hour. Several months earlier its affiliated company, Walmart, upped its...

OPINION: Rights fight: Public information battle wins open-government recognition

Our nation’s unique design — featuring governance with the consent of the governed — was revolutionary when it was founded, and it is the...

OPINION: Name calling” Dehumanizing words make abuse of other people easier

Anyone with a heart should be shocked by images released Tuesday of Border Patrol agents at the Del Rio-Ciudad Acuña International Bridge chasing terrified...

OPINION: Top tier: New DHR status improves medical services for many

We congratulate DHR Health on its designation as the first Level 1 trauma center in South Texas. The achievement marks a major change in...

LETTERS: Against socialism

Efforts to sanitize and embellish the difference between socialism and Democrat socialism abound. The bare truth is that there’s no difference at all between...