Fire Department selected to participate with National Fire Protection

The Brownsville Fire Department was selected by the National Fire Protection Association to participate in the Community Risk Assessment dashboard project.

Brownsville’s FD was one of 14 Texas fire departments selected to this progressive program that helps identify and prioritize community risks by developing a comprehensive plan to reduce risks that are high priority, the press release reads.

“The CRA digital dashboard includes user-friendly maps, graphs, and other tools that can assist leaders in recognizing the people, places and conditions that impact safety and risk,” the press release reads.

The CRA digital dashboard can be used to:

>> Assist teams in developing data informed Community Risk Reduction plans.

>> Communicate findings with stakeholders, grantors and partners.

>> Drive effective and impactful program development in the prevention space.

>> This new generation of customized dashboards has been updated to reflect the comments gained from current participants, and now feature two unique options that can better serve the needs of unique communities like Brownsville.

“The new dashboard options will make it easier for even more communities to engage in the process,” the release reads.

The National Fire Protection Association will provide the BFD with resources to develop a four-step process that involves conducting a Community Risk Assessment, developing a Community Risk Reduction plan, implementing the plan and evaluating the plan.

“We are really excited to be selected for this pilot program,” Fire Chief Jarrett Sheldon said in a press release.

“The CRR plan is a data-driven process that helps us identify high risks in our community, as well as strategic ways to prioritize them as a city. The CRA is the first step in the program.”

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