TSTC student tests positive for COVID-19

HARLINGEN — A phlebotomy student at TSTC had tested positive for COVID-19, school officials announced Wednesday afternoon after getting results back from the local health department.

The student was last on campus May 7 and was in a class of six in a building where no other classes were taking place.

The lab and all public areas in the building were disinfected immediately after class, according to a TSTC press release.

The student reported feeling ill that day and went to the doctor, where the COVID-19 test was performed.

The student and the rest of the class have not returned to campus since that day.

As of Monday, the class was postponed, and the school repeated a deep clean of the lab.

TSTC also initiated the process of contact-tracing to alert other students and staff who may have come in contact with the student.

Students in the class will return to campus May 26, according to the release.