TSTC career advisor offers guidance for life after college

Many college students around Texas are experiencing the age-old question that comes prior to graduation: What now?

Texas State Technical College Director of Career Services Viviana Espinosa shed some light on how students can prepare to become top candidates for the next step in their career.

“I love seeing students transition into professionals in the workplace,” she said. “I enjoy listening to their success stories and that they got the job in their chosen field with the company they dreamed of working with.”

The steps to finding a new career all begin with the proper resume, something that Espinosa considers a very valuable asset.

“A resume is the most important tool a student can use to sell themselves to potential employers,” she reiterated. “It outlines their education, skills, experience and what they have to offer.”

There is no question that every interview comes with a case of jitters, but Espinosa said that when it comes to prepping for that big day, practice makes perfect.

“Practice with a friend, practice in front of a mirror, or even contact a local TSTC Career Services office to schedule a mock interview,” she said. “It is very important that students know their strengths, weaknesses, skills and abilities so that they may discuss them fluently in the interview.”

Building relationships with others in one’s field is also beneficial to somebody who is brand-new on the career market.

“Networking is very important and valuable,” she said. “It gives you the opportunity to build great relationships with a wide variety of people who may later prove beneficial in your job search process.”

As TSTC students round out their semesters and programs, Espinosa assures them that their education has equipped them for success in their next chapter.

“You’ve got this!” she said. “At this point, you’re ready. You have worked so hard to prepare yourself with the technical and soft skills you need to land your dream job. Now go, and do what you love!”

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