Instructor celebrates one year of giving knowledge at TSTC

Jaime Romo is not your average physics instructor. With a background in bioengineering and astronomy, his livelihood includes bringing stellar learning straight into the classroom at Texas State Technical College.
“I have always been curious about nature,” he said. “I wanted to know how things work and why things work. This initially led me down my path to my interest in physics.”

While that interest was initially sparked by curiosity about his surroundings, it was lending a helping hand to those around him that ultimately guided his path to education.

“I realized that I found it easy to help my former classmates when they were struggling with something,” he said. “I genuinely enjoyed their feedback when they mentioned the clarity of my explanations to them; it was during these moments that I knew teaching would be perfect for me, especially in higher education.”

While his journey with TSTC only began one year ago, the 27-year-old reiterated that he already feels embraced by his new higher-education family.

“I was always shy and kept to myself, but the faculty and staff at TSTC are so heartwarming,” he said. “They welcomed me to their team with open arms, and since then I’ve met many interesting people who have given me the courage to be the best I can at what I do.”

Romo believes that instructors are some of the most vital keys in providing the gift of education.

“We are the foundation of knowledge for potential learners,” he said. “I find so much satisfaction in instilling just a bit of curiosity to people so that they can go on and experience nature through a different point of view.”

Outside the classroom, Romo enjoys staying active. The competitive nature of playing soccer is one of his biggest passions.

“It’s so exhilarating to take the field,” he said. “I am so focused on what’s going on between those white lines that it feels like I teleport to a completely different world that is worry-free, and I only have one goal: to win.”

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