LETTERS: On American ‘food trough,’ climate caucus and US embassy in Jerusalem

American ‘food trough’

Our nation has become a medical food trough that attracks medical personnel from other countries. Those of us with Medicare and Medicaid are the ones who make up the food in the trough, and for the spice on us are the dollars that are paid to all these medical personnel who come from elsewhere. I have been in several hospitals here in the Rio Grande Valley and to my surprise, 90 percent of the time the doctors and nurses are from other countries. The only ones I seem to find from the United States are the receptionists and those from housekeeping.

Those from other countries appear to be very disciplined with their families and their money. I have talked to many locals, and they seem happy when the weekend comes so they can party and live it up in the night clubs.

Jaime Muñoz, Alton

Worthy climate caucus

In this time of partisan bickering, we must remember that we are all Texans, regardless of political affiliation. We all grew up here, or moved here. We all go to the same high school football games. We all banded together when Hurricane Harvey ravaged our Gulf Coast, and we will all band together when the next hurricane hits.

So it’s important that our members of Congress, as well, live up to our standard of friendliness. The bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus serves to promote bipartisanship on Capitol Hill by having an even number of Republicans and Democrats. This caucus serves to protect our environment by using solutions that both parties can agree on, to create change that is substantive.

Please call Congressman Vicente Gonzalez, D-McAllen at (202) 225-2531 and ask him to join this caucus. If Texas doesn’t lead on environmental issues and bipartisanship, the country as a whole isn’t living up to its best.

Jordan Navarro,

Santa Rosa

US embassy in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, the Holy City, is supposed to be a place where all Abrahamic religions can peacefully worship God with a minimum of secular violation. Opening an embassy there violates the principle of equality between religions by declaring the supremacy of Israel. This provocative move brings the apocalypse in this region another step closer — which Christian fundamentalists find desirable because they want to force the second coming of Christ.

Roaney Giles,