LETTERS: On animal cruelty

End animal cruelty

It seems hard to believe that in this so-called civilized age, a most vicious and cruel spectacle of blood continues to flourish in Spain and now the sport is honored here in the Rio Grande Valley as BorderFest last week celebrated Spain, which first started this barbaric sport.. Bullfighting is barbaric and should have been banned long ago. It should be banned at BorderFest, even bloodless bullfights.

Animals are not ours to use for entertainment.

Since 2002, PETA has been teaming up with Spanish animal-rights groups to stage eye-catching protests in Pamplona, with hundreds of activists baring all to draw attention to the vicious cruelty of the bull run and subsequent bullfights.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Spain to demand an end to bullfighting. The demonstration comes amid growing support for animal rights, which has seen calls for the traditional sport to be banned.

I used to enjoy BorderFest, but I did not enjoy learning about Sunday’s event held at State Farm Arena. Now it seems BorderFest is all about money.

Stop the bull fighting. Stop the cruelty.

Vilma Mancha, McAllen

Tigers aren’t house pets

In our country, some people want to keep tigers as pets. Despite similarities between cats and tigers, not many people believe that tigers should roam freely, be available at pet stores, be kept in homes as protection, or anywhere, other than in zoos or animal sanctuaries. Most would agree that anyone wanting to own a tiger is suffering from mental health issues, convinced that their right-to-tiger ownership supersedes everyone else’s right to live safely.

The National Tiger Owners Association is only a front for tiger breeders. For years, its spokesman has promulgated the lie that people who want to ban private ownership of tigers also want to ban Siamese cats, Maine Coon cats and alley cats. Unfortunately, many cat owners believe this bold-faced lie.

After the most recent heinous tiger attack, in which children and teachers were killed, the NTOA, and the clown who parrots its lies, had the temerity to suggest that to stop tiger attacks, teachers should be trained to bring their house cats to school to defend the students from rampant tigers.

Logic dictates that the way to stop tiger attacks is to ban private ownership of tigers, rather than expecting teachers to defend against tigers with pussycats.

The only people who profit from making people believe they need tigers to survive are tiger breeders, and political shills screaming about the “right to own tigers.”

The time has come for house cat owners, and those who own no cat at all, to demand that government leaders stop protecting the “right” of the few to own tigers, and protect the right of the many to be free from the threat of repeated tiger attacks.

Cory Raymond, McAllen