Track and field repairs near the end


Staff Writer

HARLINGEN — Almost there.

The track and fields at Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School South are nearly ready for the football season.

“The track and field at the Cardinal campus (HHS) is already being used,” said Oscar Tapia, assistant superintendent for district operations.

“It’s substantially complete to where we can use it, but we still have little minor items we’ve got to fix, some sidewalk issues, some fencing,” he said. “Any deficiencies we find we develop a punch list of items to be corrected. We’ll work after hours or weekends to finish those little items.”

An article in May reported the project to put down concrete curbs and asphalt on the tracks and artificial turf on the fields would be completed by early August. The cost at that time was $3.75 million in TRE funds. The cost has increased slightly to $3.78 million.

Although the track and field at HHS is considered “substantially” complete and available for student use, such is not the case for Harlingen High School South.

“Over at the South campus we have not accepted that project as substantially complete because they are still working on the track,” Tapia said. “We’re anticipating by the end of this week or early next we’ll be able to accept that field so we can start using that one as well.”