LETTERS: Draining the swamp; Trump’s lies

‘Nice’ people stop swamp from being drained

The letter published on Aug. 16 is a perfect example why there is a swamp.

Draining the swamp is almost impossible because “nice people” support evil.

The KKK was supported by nice people who enjoyed a hanging after church. Unions rely on nice people sending them money. The Vietnam War, which was started by President John F. Kennedy, was supported by nice people who now hang a picture of Kennedy beside Jesus Christ. Pedophile priests were, or are supported by nice people. Killing babies in the womb is supported by nice people.

President Trump is in the lucha libre to win. The swamp includes nice people, Republicans and Democrats. People who don’t vote are part of the problem. Men and women who died in Vietnam were not allowed to vote.

Clint Williams, Edcouch

Regarding Trump, ‘the lie lasts until the truth arrives’

There’s a Spanish saying, a dicho, which says: “La mentira dura mientras la verdad llega” — the lie lasts un-til the truth arrives.

It’s not fake news that President Donald Trump lies frequently. The general population gets to know the truth the following day. The “die-hards” — the people who support the president — condone his untruthful-ness and other malicious shenanigans.

A few examples: siding with Putin rather than our own intelligence and FBI departments. As far as telling the truth, his beautiful and gracious wife seems to be trying her best to improve his demeanor toward others. But you must remember — you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Before the election, he used to say, “We’re going to drain the swamp. We’re going to get good people — people who are competent.” Think of the ones who are no longer associated with the president — Flynn, Spicer, Tillerson, Cohen, Manafort, Pruitt and others. Some were ousted, resigned or currently in hot water.

If President Trump wouldn’t tweet so much maybe there wouldn’t be fake news. The media only reports facts — verbal and written communication.

Pete Romero, McAllen