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Truck collides with locomotive; burst into flames

A woman and her 5-year-old child are lucky to be alive after the truck they were riding in crashed into a Union Pacific railroad car minutes before it engulfed in flames.

Trial of Rio Hondo man accused of killing Harlingen teen to start in November

More than two years after a 15-year-old Harlingen girl was found dead after she was allegedly stabbed and sexually assaulted, the trial of the man accused of killing her is scheduled to begin in late November.

Rio Hondo High School student arrested for possession of firearm

A student from Rio Hondo High School was arrested Thursday after a firearm and ammunition were found in the student’s possession, according to a press statement from the school district.

Two-vehicle crash leaves Rio Hondo man dead

Authorities are waiting for results of a blood draw on a woman to see if she was under the influence of alcohol when she...

Expert: Slow down, scope out yard first to avoid bee attacks

HARLINGEN — The tragic death of a 90-year-old Rio Hondo man who was swarmed by bees this week is a reminder to reconnoiter an area before working outside.

Rio Hondo police: 90-year-old man killed in bee attack

RIO HONDO — Swarms of bees killed a 90-year-old man after his lawnmower stirred a large hive, Police Chief William Bilokury said Wednesday.

Rio Hondo man arrested after barricading in home

RIO HONDO — A Rio Hondo man is accused of the indecent assault of a woman at a store before police arrested him following five hours of negotiations after he barricaded himself in his house.

Rio Hondo man sentenced to prison in migrant smuggling case

An advanced notice that an undocumented immigrant smuggling operation would be happening at Boca Chica beach near the jetties in Cameron County led to the arrest and conviction of a 43-year-old Rio Hondo man.

Officials: Rio Hondo ISD maintenance man arrested for $40K backhoe theft

RIO HONDO — A 51-year Rio Hondo school district maintenance man was arrested after an ongoing investigation found he stole a backhoe, interim Superintendent Raul Trevino said Wednesday.

Police continue searching for teen’s killer

HARLINGEN — Six years after her murder, police continue to search for Nahomi Rodriguez’s killer.