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Effort to withhold Mexico funding over water crisis passes second congressional hurdle

The U.S. House of Representatives is another step closer to withholding American aid funding from Mexico as the water crisis between the two countries worsens.

US one step closer to withholding Mexico funding over water crisis

The United States is one step closer to withholding millions in aid dollars from Mexico as that country continues to flout a binational water sharing treaty that’s critical to the Rio Grande Valley’s water supply.

‘It’s pretty bleak’: Valley reservoirs fall below 20% for first time in decades

As the spring sunshine continues to scorch, the combined storage at the two international reservoirs that supply the bulk of the Rio Grande Valley’s freshwater has done something it hasn’t done in decades — fallen below 20%.

Texas lawmakers urge Congress to block Mexico funding over failed water deliveries

A bipartisan, bicameral delegation of Texas lawmakers are urging Congress to withhold millions in funding from Mexico until that country makes good on its water debt to the United States.

As reservoir water levels plummet, no end in sight to Mexico’s dawdling

MERCEDES — Last August, water levels at Falcon International Reservoir dropped to just 9%, the lowest in the manmade lake’s 70-year history.

Amistad Dam bridge closed for power plant maintenance

Officials with the International Boundary and Water Commission have temporarily closed the international bridge that spans the top of Amistad Dam in order to carry out routine maintenance on a power plant underneath the structure.

Mexican delays deepen water crisis, forcing agriculture casualties

FALCON HEIGHTS — For farmers in the Rio Grande Valley, things are getting desperate.

RGV farmers worry as Mexico falls years behind on water deliveries

Lifelong farmer Dale Murden remembers wondering why his grandmother would collect rainwater at her home in rural Elsa to water her flowers.

IBWC unveils new whitepaper aimed at troubleshooting unpredictable water deliveries from Mexico

Halfway into a five-year cycle where Mexico must deliver a deluge of water to the United States, the country is already falling far behind in meeting its obligations.

IBWC unveils plan to shore up at-risk Amistad Dam

A foundation of porous prehistoric limestone is putting the structural integrity of the Amistad International Dam at risk of failure with the potential to impact hundreds of thousands of people living downstream.