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Valley’s early voting turnout increases to 13,000 over 2 days

Hidalgo and Cameron counties have garnered over 13,000 ballots after two days of early voting, continuing an uphill trend compared to the last primary.

Over 7,000 ballots cast on first day of early voting in Hidalgo, Cameron counties

Both Hidalgo and Cameron counties saw an increase in first day early voting numbers compared to the 2022 primary early voting turnout with a surge in the former’s mail-in ballots and the latter’s Cameron County Republican showing.

Cameron County voters set to go to the polls

Election Day has arrived.

Tuesday is the last day to register to vote in Cameron County for the...

Tuesday is the last day Cameron County residents who want to vote in the Nov. 7 Special Joint Election will be able to register.

Early voting closes in Harlingen, San Benito amid steady turnout

SAN BENITO — A steady flow of voters cast ballots as an eight-day early voting period drew to a close in some of San Benito’s hottest city commission and school board races, pumping up the city’s two rival factions to rally last-minute support as candidates zoom in on Saturday’s elections.

Voting changes: Garza says to read ballots carefully

As the 2022 primary election nears, the Cameron County Elections Department is still figuring out how to implement some of the changes to voting...

Elections Dept. mails out notices; Some precinct boundaries changed

The Cameron County Elections Department is sending out additional notices to registered voters regarding changes to voting precinct boundaries. Possible changes to individual voters include...