Harlingen South wins state title, 10 lifters crowned state champs

The Harlingen South Hawks boys powerlifting team won the Texas High School Powerlifting Association Division I State Championship on Saturday at the Taylor County Expo Center in Abilene. Courtesy Photo - Harlingen CISD.

Harlingen South and Edinburg IDEA College Prep captured team state titles and 10 RGV powerlifters were crowned individual state champions at the Texas High School Powerlifting Association (THSPA) State Powerlifting Meet on Friday and Saturday at the Taylor County Expo Center in Abilene.

Each powerlifter goes through three different sets of lifts — squat, bench press and deadlift. The total weight combined from the three lifts determines the winner. Points are awarded for the top five finishes in this manner — 7, 5, 3, 2 and 1. The team with the highest point total determines team winners.

Harlingen South won the THSPA Division I team state championship Saturday by way of a tiebreaker with 12 team points, edging out Donna North, who finished second. Both the Hawks and Chiefs powerlifting teams totaled 12 points apiece with one state champion leading the way, but THSPA rules state if teams are tied in points and first place finishes, then the team with the most second place finishers will be classified first.

Harlingen South’s 12 points came from a first-place finish in the 242-pound weight class by Gilbert Lerma (700 squat, 475 bench, 615 deadlift, 1,790 total) and a second-place finish in the 123-pound weight class from Ethan Hernandez. South powerlifting coach Marco Garcia was also named Coach of the Meet.

Lerma entered deadlift tied with Ennis’ Bryten Fields at 1,175 total pounds, but his 615-pound deadlift put him over the top to win gold at 242 pounds.

Donna North’s 12 points came from 123-pound state champion Deondre Moody, third-place finisher Omar Guerrero in the 242-pound weight class and fourth-place finisher Jeremy Salazar in the 132-pound weight class.

Moody, a back-to-back state champ, set three state records in the D-I 123-pound weight class with his 580 squat, 375 bench and 1,455 total, topping the next closest finisher by 230 pounds.

Mercedes placed third as a team in D-I with 10 points, led by 148-pound state champ Devon Treviño (600 squat, 370 bench, 535 deadlift, 1,495 total).

McAllen High’s 198-pound state champion Demitri Ayala also earned his spot in the record books with a 755-pound deadlift and 2,000-pound total. He squatted 735 pounds, benched 510 pounds and earned Best Squat, Best Deadlift and Best Overall Lifter awards.

Edinburg IDEA College Prep won the THSPA Division III team state championship Friday with 19 points coming from a pair of gold medals, one bronze and one fourth-place finish.

Edinburg IDEA’s Fabian Solis shattered three of four D-III state records in the 114-pound weight class to win a state title. His 510 squat, 350 bench and 1,310 total all set new highs, and although his 450 deadlift didn’t break a record, it was 55 pounds higher than the next closest deadlift in the 114-pound weight class Friday.

Edinburg IDEA’s Nelson Quintero also won gold in the super heavyweight class with a 1,820 total coming from a 735 squat, 480 bench and 605 deadlift. Eagles teammates Joey Rincones and Joel Villafuerte placed third and fourth in the 123- and 198-pound weight classes, respectively.

Lyford’s Ethan Moreno was crowned the D-III state champ in the 148-pound weight class and set a new bench press record in the process with a 405-pound lift. He also squatted 560 and deadlift 525 for a 1,490 total.

Hidalgo’s Damien and Daniel Perez took first and second place in the 114-pound weight class. in the THSPA Division II State Meet on Friday.

Damien Perez won the state title with 350 on squat, 380 on bench and 1,025 total. Daniel Perez finished 15 pounds back with a 1,010 total (360 squat, 270 bench, 380 deadlift.

Raymondville’s Randi Pedraza finished 85 pounds ahead of second place to win gold in the 242-pound weight class in D-II. He posted a 1,955 total with a 805 squat, 500 bench and 650 deadlift.

La Villa’s Josue Aguilera was the lone RGV powerlifter to place in the THSPA D-IV State Meet with a first-place finish in the 220-pound weight class (700 squat, 455 bench, 660 deadlift, 1,815 total) for the second straight year. He set state records in squat, deadlift and total weight lifted.

La Villa’s Josue Aguilera (center) won the THSPA D-IV State Championship in the 220-pound weight class. Courtesy Photo – La Villa ISD.

Below is a list of top five finishers at the THSPA Division I-IV State Meets.

THSPA Division I State Meet – Top Five Finishes

114-pound Weight Class – 3rd Place – Gabriel Guzman, Sharyland High (425 squat, 200 bench, 440 deadlift, 1,065 total); 4th Place – Leonardo Sauceda, Edinburg Economedes (405 squat, 275 bench, 375 deadlift, 1,055 total).

123-pound Weight Class – 1st Place – Deondre Moody, Donna North (580 squat, 375 bench, 500 deadlift, 1,455 total); 2nd Place – Ethan Hernandez, Harlingen South (500 squat, 320 bench, 405 deadlift, 1,225 total); 4th Place – Cesar Perez, Edcouch-Elsa (440 squat, 270 bench, 440 deadlift, 1,150 total).

132-pound Weight Class – 2nd Place – Jorge Martinez, Los Fresnos (495 squat, 365 bench, 475 deadlift, 1,335 total); 4th Place – Jeremy Salazar, Donna North (520 squat, 315 bench, 465 deadlift, 1,300 total); 5th Place – Ulises Enriquez, Mercedes (485 squat, 275 bench, 480 deadlift, 1,240 total).

148-pound Weight Class – 1st Place – Devon Treviño, Mercedes (590 squat, 370 bench, 535 deadlift, 1,495 total); 3rd Place – Nick Perez, Brownsville Pace (570 squat, 360 bench, 520 deadlift, 1,450 total); 4th Place – Isaiah Castro, Mercedes (575 squat, 350 bench, 515 deadlift, 1,440 total).

165-pound Weight Class – 2nd Place – Devin Aguilar, Edinburg North (665 squat, 425 bench, 515 deadlift, 1,605 total); 4th Place – Jesus Cantu, Edinburg Economedes (635 squat, 415 bench, 540 deadlift, 1,590 total).

198-pound Weight Class – 1st Place – Demitri Ayala, McAllen High (735 squat, 510 bench, 755 deadlift, 2,000 total).

220-pound Weight Class – 4th Place – Humberto Leal, Donna High (710 squat, 400 bench, 545 deadlift, 1,655 total); 5th Place – Pedro Ochoa, Brownsville Hanna (675 squat, 425 bench, 545 deadlift, 1,645 total).

242-pound Weight Class – 1st Place – Gilbert Lerma, Harlingen South (700 squat, 475 bench, 616 deadlift, 1,790 total); 3rd Place – Omar Guerrero, Harlingen South (680 squat, 510 bench, 565 deadlift, 1,755 total); 4th Place – Juan Acosta, Brownsville Hanna (700 squat, 480 bench, 560 deadlift, 1,740 total).

275-pound Weight Class – 2nd Place – Jason Escobar, McAllen Memorial (695 squat, 545 bench, 580 deadlift, 1,820 total); 3rd Place – Anthony De Leon, Harlingen High (700 squat, 500 bench, 535 deadlift, 1,735 total); 5th Place – Kayvin De La Rosa, Los Fresnos (680 squat, 415 bench, 610 deadlift, 1,705 total).

308-pound Weight Class – 4th Place – Gus De La Cerda, Donna High (715 squat, 450 bench, 575 deadlift, 1,740 total).

Super Heavyweight – 2nd Place – Martin Maldonado, Weslaco High (640 squat, 600 bench, 560 deadlift, 1,800 total).

THSPA Division II State Meet – Top Five Finishes

114-pound Weight Class – 1st Place – Damien Perez, Hidalgo (350 squat, 380 bench, 395 deadlift, 1,025 total); 2nd Place – Daniel Perez, Hidalgo (360 squat, 270 bench, 380 deadlift, 1,010 total).

220-pound Weight Class – 2nd Place – Jonathan Cerda, Raymondville (685 squat, 475 bench, 545 deadlift, 1,705 total).

242-pound Weight Class – 1st Place – Randi Pedraza, Raymondville (805 squat, 500 bench, 650 deadlift, 1,955 total).

THSPA Division III State Meet – Top Five Finishes

114-pound Weight Class – 1st Place – Fabian Solis, Edinburg IDEA College Prep (510 squat, 350 bench, 450 deadlift, 1,310 total). – set records in all but deadlift

123-pound Weight Class – 3rd Place – Joey Rincones, Edinburg IDEA College Prep (440 squat, 250 bench, 445 deadlift, 1,135 total).

132-pound Weight Class – 3rd Place – Diego Cruz, Santa Rosa (485 squat, 315 bench, 430 deadlift, 1,230 total).

148-pound Weight Class – 1st Place – Ethan Moreno, Lyford (560 squat, 405 bench, 525 deadlift, 1,490 total). – record in bench press with 405  – 

181-pound Weight Class – 4th Place – Juan Flores, Santa Rosa (605 squat, 375 bench, 525 deadlift, 1,505 total).

198-pound Weight Class – 4th Place – Joel Villafuerte, Edinburg IDEA College Prep (635 squat, 345 bench, 560 deadlift, 1,540 total).

275-pound Weight Class – 2nd Place – Julian Moreno, Santa Rosa (700 squat, 475 bench, 650 deadlift, 1,825 total).

Super Heavyweight – 1st Place – Nelson Quintero, Edinburg IDEA College Prep (735 squat, 480 bench, 605 deadlift, 1820 total).

THSPA Division IV State Meet – Top Five Finishes

220-pound Weight Class – 1st Place – Josue Aguilera, La Villa (700 squat, 455 bench, 660 deadlift, 1,815 total).