LETTERS: Debating Monitor ‘bias’ and Trump’s impeachment

Monitor ‘bias’ debated

Recent letters to the editor from conservative supporters came out in force recently blaming The Monitor for their “liberal media” bias once again. The news reports that appear in The Monitor reflect the accurate news of the actions and statements made by the man sitting in the Oval Office. So if some take offense to news reports coming out of the White House — like when the president said many times on the campaign trail that China is a currency manipulator, then he took it back; or when he said that NATO is obsolete then he said that NATO is not obsolete — and when The Monitor prints these stories and other stories that show the president’s ambiguity. The Monitor is not showing a liberal slant they just print what the president has said or done. Many editorial staff, including, the L.A. Times, have proclaimed Trump to be “unqualified and unsuited to be president.” To support that notion Trump himself has publicly said that he found health care and the presidency more difficult that he anticipated.

But it all boils down to each person’s personal viewpoint; you interpret what you read based on your own political views. One letter writer commented on the newspaper referring to the president only as Trump which was in his mind, disrespectful. Did that same person count how times President Obama was referred to as just “Obama” during his two terms in office when he won the majority of the popular vote while Trump only got 48 percent? I think not.

Manolo Garibay, Mission


The Monitor’s front page Friday should convince those uniformed readers just how slow they have been reading your newspaper for the last year and a half. The front page large picture and caption should convince the slowest reader how tragic this is and how The Monitor condones allowing over (reportedly) 24 million people to go without health care they can afford and directing them back unto the emergency rooms and taxpayer-funded care. How sad!

Promise fulfilled is a horrible promise and you can expect a lot more coming from this president. I wonder when World War 3 will visit our great American shores?

When Hillary Clinton won the nomination for the Democratic party, this should have been on the front page because of the historic fact. But no, the story was hidden in the back pages. How sad.

Bill Williams, Palmview

Impeachment won’t happen to Trump

This whole sanctuary city debate is getting ridiculous. A federal court has no business determining how federal dollars are spent. We now have two executive orders that have been struck down by “liberal” judges. President Donald Trump needs to take a lesson from former President Andrew Jackson: Ignore the court sand enforce your orders. A Republican Congress will not bring Articles of Impeachment and that one act will diminish the activism of our current judicial system. I am not offering an opinion on the orders, only attacking courts that seem to want to be legislators. We have a three-branch system for a reason and the executive should be allowed to follow its powers!

James Boyle, Mission